This play was first brought to our attention by a fairly new member of the Madden-School forums but it is definitely worth sharing.  It includes 4 routes that all come open surprisingly often.  If you make the right reads and have the proper personnel on your team to execute the play, your opponent should have trouble stopping it consistently.

Playbook: Kansas City Chiefs

Formation: Gun Doubles Wing TE

Play: Inside Cross


  1. Hot route your tight end to a fade route
  2. Hot route your square/X receiver to an extended out route.
  3. Hot route your running back to a streak route and motion him to the left


  1. Your first 2 reads should be the square/X receiver on the deep out route and your triangle/Y receiver on the drag route
  2. If they are both covered, your next 2 reads are your tight end over the middle (lead pass inside) or your circle/B receiver on the comeback route Pro Tip: Mix this play in with HB draw and a few other passing plays out of the same formation and you will have yourself a nice scheme to run in Madden 13.

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