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We have had a few months now to work on our 3rd ebook of the year, the Houston Offensive eBook. It has 42 plays out of 10 formations all found in the Houston Texans offensive playbook.

The Houston Offensive ebook is unique because it is balanced with both run plays and pass plays. Most ebooks focus on great passing plays with just filler run plays. In this ebook, we have both great pass plays as well as very effective run plays.

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The formations covered in the Houston Offensive ebook are:

Chapter 1: Singleback Jumbo Z
Chapter 2: Singleback Ace Close
Chapter 3: Singleback Ace Twins
Chapter 4: I-Form Pro
Chapter 5: Gun Split Close
Chapter 6: Gun Split Texan
Chapter 7: Gun Doubles
Chapter 8: Gun Tight Doubles On
Chapter 9: Gun Bunch
Chapter 10: Gun Empty Y-Flex

As you can probably tell there is a good mix of compression sets and balanced formations. We stayed away from the wildly overused strong close and shotgun snugs flip formations. Since so many people are using those formations these days, they are no longer as effective.

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  1. First off, great ebook. But could you guys email it to me as a PDF file so I don’t have to be connected to the internet to view it? Thanks.

    1. Absolutely, just send over your receipt or transaction ID for the Houston ebook and we’ll send it right out to you

  2. i just bought my third ebook which was the houston ebook! i still don’t see my ebook. i bought it from a paypal account. whatsup?

  3. would you reccomend this HOUSTON playbook, or the offensive attack playbook to be a rather better playbook?

    1. It really just comes down to your preference of playbooks and formations

    2. I have bought both and personally I love to run first and with the Houston ebook. That is exactly what it allows you to do. Establish a strong running game then air it out.

      1. That was our intent with this ebook. Most ebooks are so focused on passing plays. We decided to make this ebook balanced with an emphasis on establishing a solid running game then airing it out.

  4. Hey quick question. When can we expect another defensive ebook if any?

    1. At this point we are probably looking at a release in about 2-3 weeks for a new defensive ebook. I’ll keep you posted

  5. Just a heads up to every one the Single Back Tight Doubles isn’t showing up on the list of formations but does show up at the end of Single Back Ace Twins as “Proceed to next chapter:” Loving the eBook guys my running and passing game has improved a bunch!

    1. Thanks for letting us know about that. Glad the ebook is working out well for you. If you need help with anything feel free to leave a comment, send an email, or leave a message on the forum.

  6. Hey I just bought the Houston ebook and I also had the atl ebook so I was wondering do I have to register them to different emails or can I have them on the same email?

    1. As long as you used the same email at checkout both times they automatically go into the same account. If you use a different email address then just send an email to with your 2 receipts and the username you want the ebooks under

  7. I just purchased the ebook, how long before I receive it?

    1. It should be automatic. Make sure to check your spam folder. If it isn’t there, send us an email and we will fix it asap.

  8. Hello. My name is Derek. As a Madden player I look to gain the advantage in any possible (Offense, Defense) every year. This year, it seems like I have lost all my money plays and nano blitzes. So I turn to the same plays often and consistently send the same nanoblitzes. Of course this eventually leads to more turnovers and other things. I’m tired of losing and having the score run up on me every game so this year, I’m going to buy an offensive and defensive ebook. I have seen many ebooks from different sites but this ebook and this one ( look promising the most on offense. Can you tell me the difference?

    1. The main differences between our ebooks and the ebooks advertised on youtube is that we have been doing this for 5 years and we have a real website and community who can vouch for any of our products and their quality that we sell on here. Most youtube “ebooks” dont have any real support or accountability behind them like we have here at Madden-School

  9. Hey, this ebook is also compatible with my iphone correct? Might sound like a stupid question but does this mean I have to purchase the book while using my iphone? Or can I get it on my computer and my iphone as well?

    1. Yes all ebooks are compatible with iphones. You can buy it and view it with different devices no problem.

  10. If i purchase the ebook will i be able to open it on my iphone 5?

    1. Yes all our our ebooks are 100% compatible with iphones, ipads, smartphones, etc.