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PA Saints Misdirect – Passing Play Out Of IForm Twins Flex

pa saints misdirect

Based on the success of our recent Madden 25 Pistol Weak scheme released last weak and a comment on yesterday’s video we decided to do a passing play out of the IForm Twins Flex to give us a different option to go along with the running play out of the same formation.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 25 Money Play: IForm Twins Flex - PA Saints Misdirect

: New Orleans Saints

Formation: IForm Twins Flex

Play: PA Saints Misdirect


  1. You have a bunch of options on the right side of the field. See video for details


  1. Against man to man defense, both of your outside receivers will be open
  2. Against zone defense, you will make to see which of the 3 options are open

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10 years ago

Great Stuff, thanks…
Any chance you can do a run stopping play from the 46 playbook?

Steven S
Steven S
10 years ago

I have the offensive domination e book and I love the pistol formation plays… Do you have any passing plays for the pistol trips formation

10 years ago

Yes I would have to agree with David I would like to see some quality stopping plays out of the 46 defense. Or if u create a guide to the PB I’d be interested in purchasing.

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