Online Team Play will not be in Madden NFL 16.  Online Team play (sometimes referred to as OTP) was a cult favorite of previous Madden games.  It wasn’t a mass hit but the people who played that game mode were huge fans of it.

OTP wasn’t in Madden NFL 15 causing many fans to ask for its inclusion in Madden 16.  In online team play you and 2 friends could play on the same team against a different team of 3 players.  Essentially it was a 3v3 head to head game.


Most of the time you would have 1 player at quarterback, 1 running back, and one wide receiver.  Games were much different because you had 3 players who were user controlled at all times making it a completely different challenge.

I know many of our Madden School members played OTP in Madden 25 and will be disappointed to not see it in Madden 16.

It looks like EA Sports’ effort was put into a new game mode called Draft Champions instead.

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