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Free Madden 25 Tips: Modified Cover 4 Defense

Madden 25 Modified Cover 4

In today’s free Madden 25 tip, we are going over a way to shut down those guys who only target their best receivers.  We’ve all played those guys who just only throw to their #1 and #2 receivers and pretty much ignore their tight end or slot receiver.

The full modified cover 4 breakdown is below.

Madden 25 Coverage Defense: Modified Cover 4

: Dollar Normal (and a bunch of others)

Play: Cover 4


  1. Man both of your outside cornerbacks up with their wide receivers (Select the cornerback then A/X + right stick up + Icon of the receiver)
  2. (Optional) Put one of your lineman in a qb spy
  3. Control one of your deep safeties

Madden School Pro Tip: This play works wonders and covers pretty much every route in the game outside of wheel routes.  Pass commit so you are protected against play action passes.

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  1. Thanks I needed this cause my defense sucks

  2. Great tip, I think alot of us madden players would like a defense that stops the run but still has an effective pass coverage, for those guys who like to run no huddle and keep audibling between run and pass

  3. Yea that would be nice i get ate up on the no huddle run