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Madden 25 Tips: Easy Zone Defense Beater

Madden Tips - Hitch Corners

Defense is hard in Madden 25.  Unless you are using the 49ers or the Seahawks, it is absolutely a struggle.  The play we are going over today will make defense even harder.  It won’t change the game, but it will force your opponent to adjust to you and it is an awesome play to mix into your scheme.

We call this play as a zone defense beater, but it also has 2 routes that get open against man to man coverage as well.

Madden 25 Zone Defense Beater: Hitch Corners

Playbook: West Coast (but it is found in tons of others)

Formation: Gun Double Flex

Play: Hitch Corners

Setup:  None required


  1. Against zone defense, you want to quick pass to your running back once he reaches the line of scrimmage.
  2. Against man defense, look to your corner routes

Madden School Pro Tip: Sub in a running back with decent catch ratings.  He will take a big hit every now and then so you’ll want a guy who can hold onto the ball.

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