2 Deep Nano Blitz

The most common request we get on Madden-School.com is for effective blitzes with very basic setups.  We’ve took that to heart this year especially with our Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook which requires 5 steps or fewer for every play (the majority are 3 or less).

In this free Madden 25 tip, we will be showing you an easy blitz that just about anyone can do.  Madden School 365 members get access to an additional 4-4 nano blitz that brings pressure a little faster and from the other side.

: 4-3

Formation: 4-4

Play: 2 Deep


  1. Crash the D-line out
  2. Reblitz the LE (on the right side of the screen)
  3. Blitz the #1 MLB.  He will usually creep up to the line of scrimmage and you want him there.

Madden School Pro Tip: Mix this play in with a few other blitzes and some max coverage plays out of the same formation.

If you are looking for more awesome Madden 25 defenses, check out our Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook.  If you struggle on offense, consider our Madden 25 Offensive Domination eBook.  You can view free plays from either by clicking on the images below.