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MUT 22 Strategy Items

Madden 22 Ultimate Team Strategy Items – What You Need To Know

Ultimate Team in Madden 22 is getting some big changes! One of the biggest is getting rid of Chemistries and replacing them with Strategy Items.

In the past it was so tedious to go through all of your players equipping them with chemistries just to get a small ratings boost and then constantly having to unequip and add new chemistries on all your players to try something new.

In Madden 22, instead of going through your entire lineup and equipping all your players with chemistries, you will instead equip what EA is calling “Strategy Items.”

What Are Strategy Items In Madden 22?

Strategy Items give all players in your lineup ratings boosts and work very similarly to how individual chemistries used to.

For example in the screenshot below you can see how the same Patrick Mahomes card (on the right) has much better ratings with an Elite Passer strategy item equipped than the one on the left without one equipped.

How Do I Get Strategy Items In Madden 22?

You earn strategy items in Ultimate Team the same way you earn other cards. You can find them in packs, rewards, auction house, etc.

Where Can I See All The Strategy Items?

We put together a comprehensive list of every strategy item in MUT 22 at this link.

How Many Strategy Items Can I Use At Once?

At launch, you will get 2 spots on offense and 2 spots on defense to equip these strategy items but the number of spots available to you will expand as the year goes on.

How Do I Equip Strategy Items?

You can easily equip strategy items in your lineup screen in the “Strategy” tab. You can find them under your offensive and defensive playbooks.

If you want to change them out, you can easily do it here.

Are There Different Tiers Of Strategy Items?

Yes, there are 3 different tiers you can get.

  • Common – The most common
  • Uncommon – A little less common
  • Rare – The best you can get

Common strategy items are relatively easy to get, uncommon is a little harder, and rare is just as it sounds.

Rare strategy items give you the best attribute boosts, while common gives you much smaller boosts.

Can Strategy Items Be Powered Up?

Yes, strategy items can be upgraded using training points. You can unlock better attribute increases by spending training like in the screenshot below.

What Are Some Examples Of Strategy Items

Some examples of strategy items include: Elite Passer, Mind Reader, Play Fake, Sure Tackler, and West Coast.

Different items will give your players different boosts.

Will There Still Be Team Chemistries and Theme Teams?

Yes, there will still be team chemistries and theme teams. Those aren’t going anywhere. These are just replacing individual chemistries.

Madden 22 Strategy Item Pre Order Bonus

If you pre order Madden 22 by August 20, 2021 you will automatically get an Elite Passer Strategy item. This applies to all existing pre orders as well as newly placed preorders.

We’ve compiled a list of the common strategy items in Madden 22 Ultimate Team to help get you started.

What other questions do you have about strategy items in Madden 22 Ultimate Team? Let us know in the comments!

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2 years ago

When will they get rid of the “power up” cards? Last year I had a mess of them, but could never use them

2 years ago
Reply to  GIJANE

You have to power them up with training dude.

Stephen Bryan
Stephen Bryan
1 year ago

I added a rare and common strategy cards to my “sets”, because equipping them wasn’t a choice. Only compare, add to sets, and sell were options. I didn’t sell either one of them, but I can’t find either cars anywhere in my UT mode plz advise thank you