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MUT 22 Curated Legends Pack: Should You Choose Tom Brady Or Patrick Mahomes?

There are plenty of bonus rewards waiting for you if you buy the Madden 22 Dynasty Edition (the most expensive one).

You can take a look at the full rewards below.

Perhaps the most useful perk though is the bottom one called, “Curated Legends Pack.”

You’ll first be able to choose whether you want an elite Tom Brady card and his power up or an elite Patrick Mahomes card and his power up.

This will likely come down to personal preference based on archetype but from the looks of it, the Patrick Mahomes card has much better raw attributes.

You will ten get to choose between 2 packs. 1 with Tom Brady on the cover and 1 with Patrick Mahomes on the cover.

Here’s what the packs will look like:

Each pack comes with 2 superstar players: 1 on offense and 1 on defense.

If you choose the one with Tom Brady on the cover, you will get an 85 overall Wes Welker and an 85 overall Rodney Harrison.

If you choose the one with Patrick Mahomes on the cover, you will get an 85 overall Randy Moss and an 85 overall Deion Sanders.

From our perspective, this is a bit of a no-brainer decision unless you are a die-hard New England Patriots fan.

Deion Sanders and Randy Moss are always 2 of the most sought after players in Ultimate Team and there is absolutely no reason to think anything will be different in Madden 22.

Our recommendation is your choose the Patrick Mahomes curated legends pack when given the option.

Madden 22 Unlimited

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2 years ago

do these go in the PU?