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All Common Strategy Items In Madden 22 Ultimate Team

Strategy Items are a new addition to Madden 22 Ultimate Team that essentially replace chemistries. If you need a refresher on what strategy items are, check out our earlier article.

While the above linked article goes into much more depth, there are 3 tiers of strategy items: common, uncommon, and rare. Each strategy item gives a different attribute boosts so you’ll have to decide which ones to equip in your lineup.

As you get ino the uncommon and rare strategy items, you will get more powerful boosts but today we are just focusing on the readily available common strategy items.

The list below goes over all of the common strategy items available in Madden 22 Ultimate Team at launch.


  • Play Fake: Applies to all positions, boosts DAC – PBK – DRR
  • Zone Run: Applies to all positions, boosts RBP – BTK – LBK
  • West Coast: Applies to all positions, boosts SAC – IBL – SRR
  • Elite Passer: Applies to QB, boosts SAC – MAC – DAC
  • Let It Rip: Applies to QB, boosts DAC – PAC – MAC
  • On The Mov: Applies to HB, boosts JKM – SPM – BCV
  • Out My Way: Applies to HB, boosts TRK – CAR – SFA
  • Short Route Specialist: Applies to WR, boosts SRR – RLS – CTH
  • Deep Route Specialist: Applies to WR, boosts DRR – RLS – CTH
  • Over The Top: Applies to WR, boosts SPC – DRR – SFA
  • Reel In: Applies to WR/TE, boosts CTH – CIT – SRR
  • Pave The Way: Applies to OL, boosts RBK – RBP – RBF
  • Iron Wall: Applies to OL, boosts PBK – IBL – PBP


  • Mind Reader: Applies to all positions, boosts PRC – AWR – PUR
  • Sure Tackle: Applies to all positions, boosts TAK – AWR – PUR
  • Man2Man: Applies to all defenders, boosts MCV – CTH – PRS
  • Heavy Blitz: Applies to all defenders, boosts IBL – POW – MCV
  • Run Stuff: Applies to all defenders, boosts PUR – BSH – PRC
  • Bull Rush: Applies to DE/DT/OLB, boosts PMV – BSH – IBL
  • Outside In: Applies to DE/OLB, boosts FMV – BSH – IBL
  • Lurk: Applies to MLB, boosts ZCV – CTH – PRC
  • Hot Pursuit: Applies to SS/MLB, boosts PUR – TAK – AWR
  • Heavy Hitter: Applies to SS/MLB: boosts POW – TAK – PRC
  • The Island: Applies to CB, boosts MCV – PRS – PRC
  • In The Zone: Applies to DB, boosts ZCV – PRC – AWR

Which common strategy items do you think will be the best to use in Madden 22? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Next check out every strategy item in MUT 22 including Uncommon and Rare items.

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Derrick W Ferrell
Derrick W Ferrell
2 years ago

It’s already said that every one is looking for speed related strategies but I think strategies with awareness would be more dominant. Because every one going to have speed and no ones taking in consideration how this season is going to be. Example the Raiders are under the gun, and Washington and Carolina have new QB1’s. Philly has questions, Texans look good in preseason but do they have enough Intel to win or flop? With those questions out there having awareness would benefit the none pay to play players like me.

2 years ago

I pulled a Blue Strategy card with the orange boundaries called Hybrid Defense boost all CB? Never seen this one before I also run the island with +SPD the Hybrid gives ACC island gives SPD all for CB. Is this better than Secure Tackler or Inside out ? Or mind reader all blue cards