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Madden 18: Gun Bunch Empty – Z Spot (Cover 3 Beater)

Today we are breaking down a passing play that has lots of different reads against cover 3 defenses, as well as every other coverage in Madden 18.  You have receivers all over the field with great spacing.

Check out how we recommend you run this play below.

Madden 18 Offense: Gun Empty Bunch - Z Spot

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Formation: Gun Empty Bunch

Play: Z Spot


  1. Put the B/circle receiver on a hot route


  1. The first reads on this play are the RB/R1 and the Y/Triangle receivers in the flats
  2. If that flats are covered look toward the A/X tight end on the corner route
  3. Then there is the B/circle receiver on the quick hit over the middle
  4. Finally, look for the X/Square receiver deep over the middle

Overview: On this play, we are looking to flood the zones in a cover 3 defense. We are attacking the sidelines with high and low reads. We can also attack the middle of the field with a quick pass and a deep pass.

Let’s take a look at this play in more detail.

This is how the pre-snap play art should look.  The only adjustment is putting the B/circle receiver on a slant route.

You can  see how the slot cornerback jams our tight end, allowing our running back to get open in the flat.

Notice how no defender is anywhere near our ruuning back so we have plenty of room to run.

By the time we are tackled, we got an easy 15 yard gain.

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