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Madden 16 Draft Champions Mock Draft Round 4

We are back with our 4th Draft Champions mode mock draft. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Draft Champions mode, it is the new game mode that will be on Madden 16 that combines fantasy football with Madden. It is a variation on the ever-popular Madden Ultimate Team mode. This is the 4th mock draft of this series.  If you missed an earlier draft you can check them out at the links below.

Madden 16 Draft Champions Live Draft "Who would you select?"

For this draft I am going in with the mentality of building an air raid sytle passing attack and a solid defense. Without any further ado, lets dive into another draft and see how it turns out.

  1. TE Jimmy Graham (88) – This pick was always between Graham and Green.  But I wanted to get that elite TE to be a constant threat across the middle of the field first.
  2. TE Rob Gronkowski (91) – And I immediatly regret taking Graham over Green.  But I can’t pass on Gronk here.  So I guess my air raid attack will be primarily out of 2 TE sets now.
  3. QB Andrew Luck (87) – I might should have went with the offensive linemen here, but I wanted to make sure I get a good QB and Luck fits that bill.  Now I just need a couple WR’s and olinemen to complete my offense.
  4. SS Morgan Burnett (83) – An all defense round.  I never value defensive line as much as some other positions.  I’m gonna go with Burnett here as an upgrade to my defensive backs.
  5. WR Vincent Jackson (83) – I’m not really planning on running the ball much if ever with this team, so that makes the HB and FB irrelevant here.
  6. FS Charles Woodson (81) – Cooper was tepmting here, but if I didn’t take any more WR’s I would probably still be in good shape.  That and the legend WR Brian Finneran seems to pop up pretty frequently in the last round so I will go defense here.
  7. LT Jason Peters (88) – I wish I would have went O-line in round 3 instead of picking up Luck.  I would rather have Cam Newton as a QB here, but oh well.
  8. CB Richard Sherman (89) – Wow, talk about a loaded round.  Miller, Watt, Sherman.  I wish I could have all 3.  But since I can only have one I have to go with Sherman.
  9. WR Eric Decker (82) – No real need for a QB or RB here so Decker it is.
  10. LG Orlando Franklin (84) – I already picked up my LT and 2 TEs so this is the only pick I can really make here.  I would really like to pick up another olinemen and 4 defenders in the alst 5 rounds.
  11. MLB Demario Davis (78) – I have to start picking up some defenders so Davis it is here.  I can user him over the middle and hopefully make some plays.
  12. RE Mike Devito (80) – I am already set at safety so it was either OLB or DE.  I went DE to try and get some pressure on the QB/slow down the running game.
  13. WR Dez Bryant (89) – Wow this is a loaded offensive draft.  2 more great QBs here and a great WR.  Sadly I don’t need any of them but I guess I will go with Dez.
  14. SS Antone Bethea (86) – Again another round with nobody I need.  I guess I will take Bethea and see what his ratings are at CB or something.
  15. DT John Randle (92) – I really want to take Ty Law here to set up an elite secondary, but I already have a safety I am going to slide to CB and I only drafted 1 defensive linemen and 1 linebacker so I am going to have a really hard time stopping the run, making the DT a neccessity here.

Team Strengths: My passing game is unbelivably good.  With Luck at QB, Gronk and Graham and TE, and then Dez Bryant, Vincent Jackson, and Erik Decker at WR I should be able to shred opponents passing.

Team Weaknesses: Pretty much everything else.  I have no running game which is ok because that was by deisgn.  But I only drafted 2 offensive linemen and my whole defense is pretty weak.  I have a respectable secondary and hopefully Randle can anchor my front 7 and stop the run, but the bottom line is this team is gonna have to score a bunch on offense and hope for a couple turnovers on defense.

What would your draft look like? Sound off in the comments below.

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8 years ago

Any suggestions on fantasty draft, what position round by round on madden16