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Madden NFL 16 Miami Dolphins Team Breakdown

The Miami Dolphins head into Madden 16 improved from last year.  They have a lot of new players and some young talent.  The defense should dominate and if you can get the offense to score some points, you won’t have a problem playing with them.

Below is the full Madden NFL 16 team breakdown for the Miami Dolphins.

Team: Miami Dolphins

Offensive Strategy: Balance.  The Dolphins have good but not great players at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, and tight end.  Devante Parker and Kenny Stills should be difficult for other teams to defend and TE Jordan Cameron is always effective in Madden.

Defensive Strategy: Let your defensive line dominate.  The Dolphins have one of the best defensive lines in Madden 16.  Wake, Vernon, and Suh will be hard to run against and they should be able to get their fair share of sacks as well.  You don’t have to send too many blitzes which should make your coverage much more effective.

Impact Players: QB Ryan Tannehill, HB Lamar Miller, WR Kenny Stills, WR Devante Parker, TE Jordan Cameron, LT Branden Albert, C Mike Pouncey, LE Cameron Wake, RE Olivier Vernon, DT Ndamukong Suh, CB Brent Grimes, FS Louis Delmas, SS Reshad Jones

Key Newcomers: WR Devante Parker, DT Jordan Phillips, TE Jordan Cameron, DT Ndamukong Suh, WR Kenny Stills

Strengths: Defensive line and secondary.  The Dolphins have a great defensive line and a very good secondary.  You may have to cover for the linebackers a little but you will have enough playmakers on defense that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Weaknesses: Running back and linebackers.  Lamar Miller is just an average Madden running back. He has good speed which is always useful but he can’t dominate a game the way you need a running back to at higher levels.  The linebackers are also fairly weak but as mentioned above, this won’t be a problem given how strong the rest of the defense is.

Overview: The Miami Dolphins are a slightly above average team in Madden 16.  With a few roster updates to their young offense, they have the potential to become very good but they aren’t there yet.

What did we miss Dolphins fans?  Let us know in the comments section.

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8 years ago

Any good madden player that uses miami will be a nightmare to beat. Great D line+good secondary =big problems lol. The defense alone can win games for u in madden. They shouldve kept tight end charles clay though,he can ball.

MaddenThug302 gamertag
MaddenThug302 gamertag
8 years ago

I like Jordan more than I liked clay

8 years ago

Do you know if the white jersey was change to the real colors? Last year the orange looks like red and the line was very thick. Regards.