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Madden 16 Draft Champions Mock Draft Round 2

We are back with another Draft Champions mode mock draft. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Draft Champions mode, it is the new game mode that will be on Madden 16 that combines fantasy football with Madden. It is a variation on the ever-popular Madden Ultimate Team mode. This is the second mock draft of this series, if you missed the first one you can find it here. Without any further ado, lets dive into another draft.

Madden 16 - Draft Champions - ARod or Megatron?

  1. WR Calvin Johnson (89) – Right away we have a difficult choice. It is hard to turn down a QB, especially one like Aaron Rodgers. But how can you say no to a guy like Calvin Johnson, especially with the new aggressive catch feature? The answer is, I can’t.
  2. FS Honey Badger (79) – I love the Honey Badger. His zone coverage is pretty good and I think I can trust him over the top. I always user control a linebacker so I don’t need as many good players there.
  3. QB Cam Newton (84) – Skipping on Rodgers paid off, as I get a shot to take a more mobile QB in this round. That worked out almost perfectly!
  4. RB Adrian Peterson (88) – This is a tough one. Take a running back or take an offensive linemen. I’m going to go with a running back here and hope I can pick up some offensive linemen later. My offense is stacked with playmakers already. Now I need to get some defensive help.
  5. LT Jared Veldheer (84) – It was very tempting to grab a TE or a WR2 here, but I said I needed offensive line so I’m going to go with the boring pick here. Peterson will thank me later.
  6. MLB Demeco Ryans (78) – No great players here, but I would rather have a mediocre LB then a mediocre CB. Holding out hope for some playmakers in the secondary soon.
  7. LT Corey Glenn (82) – I already have a great HB, and although a TE is tempting here I will take another offensive linemen that will play RT for me.
  8. CB Ladarius Webb (79) – I need to take someone for my secondary even if they aren’t as good as I want. So Webb it is here.
  9. TE Greg Olsen (86) – Now I grab the TE I wanted to take earlier. Dumervil was tempting here, but I couldn’t resist the TE.
  10. WR A.J. Green (86) – Should have picked Dumervil last round and I could have had Graham this round. As it is I have no need for another TE but I could use another stud WR to line up across for Calvin Johnson.
  11. RE Tommy Kelly (76) – My defense needs some major helps so hopefully this pick can strengthen my D-line.
  12. ROLB James Harrison (81) – I already have one high 70s CB, I don’t really want another one because if an elite guy comes up then I am going to grab him and I would rather not spend 3 picks on CBs. I already have my MLB so I’ll go ROLB here.
  13. CB Richard Sherman (89) – Can’t turn down Sherman here. I get the Elite CB I was hoping for. Now hopefully I can grab a couple more defensive players in the last 2 rounds.
  14. SS Robert Blanton (82) – There we go, I needed a second safety and that’s exactly what I got. Now if I can get an O or D linemen I will be in really good shape
  15. C Dermontti Dawson (92) – Wow! Talk about a loaded legends round. I would love to play with Randal Cunningham or Brian Finneran but I already took Cam Newton at QB and I already have 2 great WRs. It was hard not to take the WR but I needed to anchor the O-line so I made the smart (non-sexy) pick here.

Team Strengths: My offense is pretty loaded. Between Cam Newton at QB, Calvin Johnson, A.J. Green, and Greg Olsen to catch passes, and 3 of my 5 offense linemen being pretty solid, this team is built to score.

Team Weaknesses: My front 7 is very weak. I only have 3 draft picks on my front 7, and 2 of them are still rated below 80. This team is going to have a very hard time stopping a team build to ground and pound the ball. Richard Sherman really bolstered the secondary, but he is my only elite player on the entire defense.

What would your draft look like? Sound off in the comments below.

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