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Madden 16 Draft Champions Mock Draft

EA Sports newly announced Draft Champions mode has a lot of potential. There are already several youtube videos showing drafts and gameplay as EA looks to feature this new mode heavily leading up to the release of Madden 16. Here is a video of a full Draft Champions draft, along with my picks and rational in each round. At the end I will evaluate the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Madden 16 GAMEPLAY! | Draft Champions - E3

  1. MLB Luke Kuechley (89) – It is always hard not to take an elite QB like Aaron Rodgers, but I’m more of a run the ball and short routes guy so I would rather anchor my defense. Weddle was tempting but I feel like Kuechley can run my LB corps even if I don’t draft another LB
  2. WR Danny Amendola (77) – I feel like I can get a better QB or HB later, but Amendola will be a good #2 option at WR
  3. SS Morgan Burnett (83) – I feel like I am pretty good at LB already so I will take a safety to help defend the deep ball
  4. TE Jimmy Graham (88) –  It is a little scary to turn down a 3rd QB bc I don’t know if I will get another, but Graham helps a ton in the running game and short passing game. The center was never really a consideration for me here
  5. QB Alex Smith (79) – There we go, QB is now taken care of. Smith isn’t great, but is accurate on short passes and has a little mobility.  I didn’t feel like I could hold out at QB any longer.
  6. LOLB Anthony Barr (81) – I already have a stud TE and as much as I like 2 TE sets I don’t have that luxury in a 15 round draft. I would love Cooks, but feel like my D needs more help here. Plus Barr has great speed and accel to set the edge or rush the passer.
  7. LOLB Derrick Morgan (82) – I never intedned to draft 3 LBs but it keeps throwing them to me. Morgan or Barr will play ROLB for me so my LB corps is complete.
  8. DT Kyle Williams (87) – It is a little worrysome I don’t have a CB yet, but it hard to turn down a guy that is that much better at DT. Hopefully I can boost my secondary in the next few rounds.
  9. LT Joe Staley (84) – I needed some help on the O-line. Don’t really think I can afford to take a FB with all the other holes I have to fill and another WR is a luxury at this point.
  10. RG Marshal Yanda (90) – This round was hard to choose between Yanda and Lacy. At the end of the day any HB can be good with the right blocking so I went Oline. I always take Guard over Tackle bc that works better for my running style.
  11. CB Byron Maxwell  (80) –  I absolutley had to get a CB here. Hopefully I can pick up another so Maxwell can be my CB2 because I really don’t look forward to being that outmatched on the deep ball.
  12. LE Rob Ninkovich (82) – I don’t need a LB so I had to take a DE. Not what I wanted here at all.
  13. WR A.J. Green (86) – I already have a servicable QB and a stud TE so Green shores up my WR corps. I’m getting really nervous about my secondary and my running game now though.
  14. RE Fletcher Cox (85) – Not what I needed here, but my front 7 is completely set now. I really really need a CB or RB next round. Lets go legends!
  15. FS Steve Atwater (91) – I can’t take a FB here and I already have 6 of my front 7 drafted. I wanted a CB but at least a FS will help me defend the deep ball.

Team Strengths: My front 7 is great. 6 of my front 7 is in the 80s with 3 of them 85+. This team will be hard to run the ball on and should be pretty good against intermediate passing routes too with that LB corps. With Graham at TE and AJ Green and Amendola at WR I feel like I have a pretty good receiving corps too

Team Weaknesses: Running game and blocking. I never got a RB and only drafted 2 offensive linemen. Not great for a guy who likes to pound the rock. So I guess I will have to look more to roll Smith out and hit short and intermediate passing routes. Luckily I have the WR to do that. I am way weaker then I would like at CB too, but Atwater and Burnett should help take away the deep ball.

What would your draft look like? Sound off in the comments below.

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