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Madden 16 Draft Champion Mock Draft Round 5

We are back with our 5th and final Draft Champions mode mock draft prior to the release of Madden 16. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Draft Champions mode, it is the new game mode that will be on Madden 16 that combines fantasy football with Madden. It is a variation on the ever-popular Madden Ultimate Team mode. This is the 5th mock draft of this series.  If you missed an earlier draft you can check them out at the links below.

For this draft I am going in with the mentality of building a very strong 3-4 defensive team with a grind it out rushing attack. Without any further ado, lets dive into another draft and see how it turns out.

Madden NFL 16 -"ALL NEW" Draft Champions Mode | Live Fantasy Draft Exclusive Gameplay!

  1. SS Reshad Jones (88) – It was tempting to snag a stud linebacker here for my 3-4 scheme, but I need a safety to help protect the deep passing game that I feel is going to be very hard to stop in this years madden.  I will user control the middle of the field on defense so I can help cover any deficancies there.
  2. RE Mike Devito (80) – I already picked up 1 safety and I would rather take a mid level guy at DE then at CB so I’m gonna pass on Shields and see what pops up later.
  3. LT Tyron Smith (85) – My first offensive selection of the draft comes via the 3rd round.  If I am going to ground and pound I need to get a beefy O-line.
  4. RT Rick Wagner (86) – Passing on Ryan Mathews here even though his speed is pretty good.  I think we can get a better HB later so I’ll pick up my other tackle here.
  5. LG Matt Slauson (81) – Thought about picking up a WR but it doesn’t really fit the scheme I am trying to build so I’m gonna go oline again.
  6. CB Jason McCourty (83) – Time to take the plung at CB.  I hope he ends up being my CB2 but even if I have to roll with him at CB1 he isn’t a bad option.
  7. WR Mohamed Sanu (79) – Even though I want to ground and pound I’m no a big I-formation guy so I’m gonna pick up my first WR here.
  8. C Will Montgomery (81) – It was a toss up here between Montgomery and Demario Davis at MLB.  I am planning to run a 3-4 so I need to pick up some good LB’s but I decided to go O-line again.  Hopefully I get some good LB’s in the enxt few rounds.
  9. MLB Rey Maualuga (80) – The Draft Champions gods smile on me, giving me a linebacker in the 9th round.  This was an easy call.
  10. TE Julius Thomas (85) – I thought about taking Burnett here and playing him at FS but decided to go with Julius Thomas instead.  He can help run block and is a great weapon across the middle of the field.  Still no QB, HB, and only 1 S, 1 LB, and 1 CB right now.  Hopefully the last 5 rounds can help fill out some of those positions.
  11. QB Colin Kaepernick (77) – I have already spent more picks then I probably should have on my O-line so I will pick up Kaepernick here.
  12. LOLB Connor Barwin (82) – Good round here.  Ideally I would like to pick up another LB, safety, and CB in the last 3 rounds.
  13. FS Jairus Byrd (86) – This was a toss up between Joseph at CB and Byrd.  But at the end of the day I want a strong saftey duo more then a strong CB duo.  2 rounds left.
  14. MLB Karlos Dansby (87) – Easy pick for me here.  I already have a QB and am not looking at WR’s much but Dansby fits a huge need, giving me another strong LB.  Up next the legends round where I could really use a RB or a CB.
  15. HB Terrell Davis (94) – I thought about the DT but I need a good HB to run my offense and it doesn’t get much better then Davis.

Team Strengths: My rushing attack is stellar.  I Drafted 4 offensive linemen, a TE, a mobile QB, and the legend Terrell Davis.  I should be able to run the ball all over the field with Davis and Kaepernick.  Defensivley I am pretty excited about my safety duo of Byrd and Jones, and am pretty pleased with my linebacking corps.

Team Weaknesses: Passing game, CB, and D-line.  The passing game weakness was by design, but I still think I can manage between roll outs, Thomas, and Sanu.  My offense won’t be exciting, but it will get the job done.  On defense I only ended up grabbing 1 CB so my safeties are gonna have to play extreemly well to help prevent the deep ball.  And I only grabbed 1 D-linemen.  But my 3 linebackers I drafted should still be able to help plug holes in run defense.

Overall I’m happy with how this team turned out, although if I could go back and change a pick I wish I would have taken Shields as my CB2 in the 2nd round.

This concludes our Draft Champions mock drafts.  Starting Thursday I will be broadcasting draft champions mode on twitch via EA Access.  Head on over to to subscribe to my channel and stay tuned here for gameplay highlight videos.

What would your draft look like? Sound off in the comments below.

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Bears fanatic
Bears fanatic
8 years ago

I would love to see online game play where the weather is always on random and based on the city your playing in. Also I would like to see in game weather changes. Maybe start out sunny, then snow and then taper off again. As well as the players abilities be affected by the weather throughout the game. What do u think?