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Madden 21 salary cap increases

Here’s How Much Your Salary Cap Increases Each Year In Madden 21 Franchise Mode

One of the hardest parts of franchise mode in Madden 21 is managing the salaries of all of your key players so you don’t find yourself in a situation where you aren’t able to resign someone who is crucial to your team’s sucess.

It is a pretty straightforward process but there are some thing you need to be aware of.

Every year that your franchise goes on. The salary cap is raised. For example, in the first year of your franchise, you will have a salary cap of $210 million dollars. That means the total amount that you play your players cannot be over that amount.

By season 10 though, the salary cap is raised to $262 million dollars.

Knowing what your salary cap will be for each year in the future can help you make personnel decisions for many years down the road.

The way the salary cap increases each year doesn’t make a ton of sense so we simulated through 10+ years of franchise mode and marked down what the salary cap number is for each year.

After year 10, you’ve reached a peak and the numbers won’t change much in the seasons beyond that.

Here are the raw numbers:

  • Year 1: 210M
  • Year 2: 222M
  • Year 3: 234M
  • Year 4: 242M
  • Year 5: 250M
  • Year 6: 256M
  • Year 7: 259M
  • Year 8: 261M
  • Year 9: 262M
  • Year 10: 262M

You can see that over the first few years, you get pretty significant bump in your salary cap.

You get a $12 million dollar bump in year 2 and another $12 million dollar bump in year 3. In years 4 and 5 you get another $8 million dollars to spend each year.

By the time you get down to years 8, 9, and 10 it is pretty clear that the cap increases start to level off dramatically.

Here is a graph so you can better visualize it.

Use this information to make better decisions about who to re-sign and who to sign in free agency.

A lot of people fall into 3 very different traps.

The most common one is people who pay no attention whatsoever to their salary cap situation until they find themselves in a situation where they are forced to cut or trade a player they would rather keep.This wouldn’t be you since you’ve taken the time to read this article.

Another trap is assuming the salary cap never goes up and making your decisions based on the cap number from year 1.  This is clearly wrong since you can see by the year 2024, you have $40 million dollars more to work with than you did in 2020.

And then the final trap is seeing these giant salary cap space increases in the first few years and assuming it will continue to go up at the same rapid pace in years 7-10. By the time you get to 2027 you pretty much get no more significant increases and will have to work with a cap number around $262 million for the rest of the franchise.

Hopefully by using this information, you’ll get a slight edge in your Madden 21 franchise.

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Mr Harmon
Mr Harmon
3 years ago

Once you have a Created player in a actual game madden doesn’t say the created players name anymore why is that

Carl Feaster
Carl Feaster
3 years ago

I need to make my defense better

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