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Gun Empty Bunch MTN Read Option

gun bunch empty 2

The passing play out of Gun Empty Bunch that we went over a few days ago is hard to stop by itself but when we mix it in with today’s run play it becomes even harder to stop.

Mix it in with a few other plays that we will go over in the next week to form a sort of mini-scheme for Madden 25.

Gun Empty Bunch MTN Read Option

Playbook: Minnesota Vikings

Formation: Gun Empty Bunch

Play: MTN Read Option

Setup: None

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  1. Maddenschool should make a playbook with all these nice plays maddenschool be putting out for us

  2. Hey thanks for the great videos… I have one question my friend runs the read option in spread with the eagles I don’t know how to stop it. If I press he still runs it and gets 5-10 yards and if I bring in my safeties he goes deep to desean jackson. Can you show me a good play to stop it thanks

    1. Depending on how often he runs the read options, you want to contain or spy your 2 outside des. I like to blitz and user a LB for extra pressure depending where we are on the field, to stop the deep ball on a go 2 wr like desean Jackson that’s the only wr you have to watch. Man to man the cb who is on him and a safety. That will force him to throw to other targets and will contain the read.

      Hope this helped.