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Madden 25 Tip: Gun Empty Bunch – Verticals

Gun Empty Bunch verticals

In today’s free video, we are going to continue breaking down the Gun Empty Bunch formation in Madden 25.

The play we are breaking down today is one of the more popular concepts in Madden NFL games but done in a very unique formation and with a few hot routes.

The full play is below.

Madden 25 PS3 and XBOX 360: Gun Empty Bunch - Verticals
Playbook: Minnesota Vikings

Formation: Gun Empty Bunch

Play: Verticals


  1. Put your X/square receiver on an extended out route
  2. Put your A/X tight end on a streak


  1. Your first read is always between the 2 receivers on the right side of the field running the wheel routes
  2. If they are both covered, look to your X/square receiver on the extended out route or the Y/triangle receiver on the slant

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