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Free Madden 25 Tips: Overloading The Outside In Gun Snugs Flip

outside overload

2 days ago we showed you an awesome way to completely overload the middle of the field from the Gun Snugs Flip formation.  Today’s play will look exactly the same to your opponent but we will be overloading the outside part of the field.

It will become extremely frustrating to defend both the middle of the field and the outside at the same time.  Once you mix in a running play from the same formation, it will become a giant headache for the defense.

Madden 25 Passing Strategy: Gun Snugs Flip - Outside Overload

: Detroit Lions (and many others)

Formation: Gun Snugs Flip

Play: Any passing play


  1. Hot route both slot receivers to whip routes
  2. Hot route both outside receivers to extended out routes
  3. Block the running back or put him on an option route


  1. You have a high-low read on each side of the field.  If the receiver underneath is open throw to him for 4-7 yards
  2. If he is covered, throw to your outside receivers on the extended out routes.

Madden School Pro Tip: Mix this play in with a running play out of the same formation and the Corner N Go’s play we showed you a few days ago.

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