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Free Madden 25 Running Tips: Strong Pro Twins – HB Stretch

hb stretch

A few people have told us already that they’d like to see us break down some more running plays in Madden 25.  In this free tip, we are going over one of our favorite running plays, HB Stretch.

You will always have the chance to break this run for a big gain and can usually get a pretty consistent 5 or so yards with it.

Strong Pro Twins - HB Stretch

: Jacksonville Jaguars

Formation: Strong Pro Twins

Play: HB Stretch

Setup: None

Madden School Pro Tip: You will want to run this play when there isn’t a cornerback on the right side of the screen for the best chance of breaking a big gain.

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  1. Can you share a couple Def plays to stop he option??

  2. Looks good guys i like it… How about you show a nice fag D from a cover 2 or civer 2 sink that be sick or a 3 man blitz… Thanks for the tip

    1. at any cover 2, pick a defensive back, hit x, and use right stick to send into a zone, blitz or whatever you like. use weak side defensive back…

  3. I cant find this play anywhere???? It’s not in the Atlanta playbook. There’s only pro and close in the strong formation.

    1. Found it…. Jags playbook, not Atlanta. Great run, thanks!!!!

      1. Thank you, that was a mistake it is in the Jaguars playbook