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Free Madden 25 Tips – Gun Doubles Wing TE: PA DBL Ins


In today’s free Madden 25 tips from, we are going over a play that contains a 20 yard deep in route.  That route is extremely uncommon in Madden 25 but very effective.

We have the full breakdown below.

Madden 25 Tips: Gun Doubles Wing TE - PA DBL Ins

: Miami Dolphins

Formation: Gun Doubles Wing TE

Play: PA DBL Ins


  1. Hot route your A/X tight end to block
  2. Hot route your RB/R1 running back to a streak and motion him out to the left
  3. (Optional) Hot route your B/circle receiver to a streak.


  1. Our primary read on this play is the X/square receiver on the 20 yard in route.

Madden School Pro Tip: This isn’t the kind of play that you can run a bunch of times.  But if you have a key 3rd and long situation, it is an awesome play which should allow you to convert when you really need it most.

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