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Shotgun Flip Trips: Slot Trail

Shotgun flip trips has been one of the most used formations since it was introduced a few years ago and it will be no different in madden 12.  This free tip is a staple in many competitive madden players’ offenses.  The beauty of this play is that it doesnt take any hot routues or adjustments. This play works best against man coverage but is also effective against zone defenses.  Make sure to watch the video for the full setup.

Playbook: Arizona Cardinals

Formation: Shotgun Flip Trips

Play: Slot Trail


  1. None required


  1. Your first read is your X/A receiver on the trail route
  2. Your second read is the circle/B receiver on the drag route.
  3. Look for your triangle/Y route if the first 2 are covered

Why this works:

Slot trail works because the drag receiver clears out the defenders over the middle.  The receiver on the deep corner route takes the coverage deep.  The combination of those routes allows the X/A receiver to come free over the middle of the field.

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12 years ago

is this only in ARI PB?

12 years ago
Reply to  Wes

in dallas pb 2