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Madden 12 Offensive eBook

Madden 12 Offensive eBook Preview
madden 12 offensive guide

The moment you all have been waiting for is here! You can now purchase your Madden-School Offensive eBook for Madden 12. We spent about 100 hours in practice mode labbing this ebook up for you guys. It was long, boring, and tedious but we are thrilled with the end result and we know you guys will be too.

The Madden-School Offensive Domination eBook for Madden 12 Includes:

  1. 28 Great Money Plays
  2. 28 HD Videos
  3. 10 Chapters full of detailed madden strategy content
  4. Complete written breakdowns accompanying every play
  5. The ability to use it with any of the 32 NFL teams

Buy now for only $24.99 and get a jump on the competition. Instant Download! No Waiting!

All of the plays in our offensive domination ebook for madden 12 can be found in the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive playbook. So if you are someone who wants to use a custom playbook, you can just import the plays into your playbook. If you don’t want the hassle of having to make a custom playbook and you just want to win right away, then you can hop right on Madden 12, choose the Steelers playbook and you are ready to start crushing your opponents.

The offensive domination ebook covers plays in the following formations:

  • Gun Snugs (Absolute Money)
  • Gun Split Close
  • Gun Spread Y-Slot
  • Gun Trio
  • Gun 5 Wr Trips
  • Singleback Pitt Doubles
  • Singleback Bunch
  • Singleback Jumbo
  • Strong Close
  • I-Form Tight
  • I-Form Tight Pair
  • Weak Flex Twins

Our ebook will help you win money games, win your local tournament and make your friends look silly. Don’t waste your time sitting in practice mode endlessly searching for plays that work. If you are serious about madden, pick up a copy of our Offensive Domination eBook for Madden 12 today! Only $24.99!

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  1. Anyone Check this out yet?!? is it even worth it?!

  2. I got it and so far I am very happy with it. I got the game 3 days early and I used the offensive and defensive ebooks from here and so far I am 7-1 online. Last year my record was 132-155 so this is a huge improvement for me.

  3. I wanted to post my honest feedback for this product. Last year for madden 11, your denver ebook was FIRE. But then I bought another ebook i think the Arizona offensive ebook and it wasn't nearly as good. So I went ahead and purchased this ebook not knowing what to expect and from what I can see so far it is on the level of last year's denver ebook which was amazing. Hopefully when I have more time to practice and get comfortable in madden 12, it will be even better. Thanks men!

  4. what song is playing in this video? anyone know?

  5. Birdman ft Lil Wayne – Always Strapped

  6. what playbook are they using in this ebook? Pittsburg?

    1. Yes this ebook is based out of the Pitt offensive playbook

      1. I thought the Ebook was called the New Orleans PB. However, you say it's the Pitts Offensive PB. Or, are they two separate EBooks?

      2. hey buddy whats up. Is there a chance we can get these two ebooks cheaper, due to the fact that it is so late in madden 12 era.if so can you tell me how. thanks bro

          1. same question on price since 13 is coming Tuesday

          2. Each ebook for Madden 13 will be the same price as for Madden 12. $24.99

  7. I use the cowboys will this book enhance their offense

  8. Hi i really want to buy this offensive ebook and was wondering how i would receive it? through email? and also if it has some good run plays? I know it probably has money passing plays but any money run plays?

    1. Yes you receive it via email and there are good run plays in it as well as good pass plays

  9. Can I use this with any team or does each team have their own book. My question pertains to both offensive and defensive books.