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Strong Close Quick Toss

Tosses and run plays in general do not work nearly as well in madden 12 as they have in years past.  That means finding a run play that consistently works is even more important than ever before.  In this free madden 12 tip, you will learn how to run this play for consistent yards.  Ideally, you will want to call this with a fast or good running back like Chris Johnson, MJD, etc.

Formation: Strong Close

Play: Quick Toss


  1. Against man defense, motion your receiver on the right to the left
  2. Against zone defense, leave the play as is

Why this play works:  This play works especially well against man defense, becauseby motioning your receiver over, you clear out an entire side of the field allowing a good running back to get out to the sideline and cut upfield.

madden 12 quick tossAs you can see in the screenshot above, you have the entire right side of the field open (against man coverage) and your should have 2 extra blockers leading you in the guard and the fullback.

madden nfl 12 quick toss 2You can see right when we get the pitch from the quarterback that the linebacker is taking a bad angle and won’t be able to make a tackle.  Notice also that we have 2 blockers out to the right side against what looks to be only 1 defende(the safety).

madden 2012 quick toss 3In the screenshot above, you can now see that our blocks have broken down a little bit, but we should still be able to get a solid gain.

madden 12 quick toss 4Our fullback takes care of his block which leaves us 1 on 1 vs a safety with wide open field in front of us.

madden 12 quick toss 5We make a simple juke move and now it is a footrace to the endzone.

If you like this free madden tip and want to instantly improve your offense and defense in madden 12, make sure to pick up one (or both) of our ebooks today!

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12 years ago

Classic play, still very effective. You can apply this technique to all of your runs. Great work.

12 years ago

How do you stop it?