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madden 12 defensive guide

Madden 12 Defensive Lockdown eBook

Madden 12 Defensive eBook Preview


madden 12 defensive guide

This is hands down one of our best madden ebooks of all time.  Those of you who are loyal madden school members know that is quite an accomplishment.  The beauty of this guide is that you don’t have to have some great defensive team in order to use it.  You could use the best team in madden 12 or the worst team and you will still give your opponent fits.

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In Madden 12, the offensive line blocks better than ever before, but that didn’t stop us from making our best defensive ebook of all time.  If you watch the promo video above, you will see just a few of the insane defenses that get instant pressure with only 4-6 men blitzing.  All of our plays are filmed in HD on all-madden difficulty level, so you know that they will work even better against the default all-pro skill level online and in tournaments.

The Defensive Lockdown eBook for Madden 12 will make your opponents go crazy.  When you pick up madden nfl 12, why not already have a dominant defense?  Don’t waste time in practice mode or racking up losses online.  We aren’t going to give you a big sales pitch.  If you are serious about madden and you watched the promo video, you would be crazy not to invest in our defensive lockdown eBook.  Start dominating your opponents today!

Start Dominating For Only $24.99!

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  1. So is this all out of one def playbook? I ask because currently custom playbooks aren't useable for online franchise.

    1. About half are from the 46 playbook and half are from the baltimore pb.

  2. Great work on this defensive ebook. The blitzes just scream pressure and I really like the step by step setup! Once I get another $25 I will be purchasing the offensive ebook. I really hope it is just as good.

      1. There is a chapter on 3-4 defense against the pass and a great run stopper out of the 3-4 solid.

    1. I just bought the madden def ebook going to try it out i hope it works

    2. How long did it take for you to access the ebook?

      1. The ebook is instantly delivered to your email after payment

  3. Just wanna let yall know I just bought this guide and I shut out the first person I played.

  4. If I purchase the one of your e books is it deliverd directly to my e-mail and can I view from there or do I have to download each chapter and use a series of passwords to access each e-book?

    1. Yes it is delivered right to your email and you can view it on your computer. You just have to download it once and use 1 username and password.

  5. I bought ur ebook but I can’t download it to my iPhone 4 and I don’t have a personal computer wut can I do any suggestions plz?

  6. Send us an email ( with your situation and we will fix it for you.

  7. Do I have to have a paypal account to buy this? and im so scared you guys arent credit card theft people are ya??

    1. The payments are handled through paypal, so we never even see your credit card info. You can pay on paypal with your credit card, so you dont need a paypal account

  8. Hey, I just ordered the Offensive e-book… How long does it usually takes before it is sent?

    1. It is sent out automatically. Make sure to check your spam folder.

  9. Will this work with any team? Example the Saints run a 4-3 my concern is the team personnel won't be able to handle the 3-4.

    1. Yes this ebook will work with any team.