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madden 12 hb draw

Strong H Pro: HB Draw

The hb draw first started to become noticed as a dominant play in the middle of the madden 11 season.  A lot of people still do not ever call draw plays even though you can get huge pickups. Unless the defense calls a heavy blitz, you should be able to find a running lane.  This play will set up big passes because the defense will have to honor the hb draw.

Playbook: Various playbooks

Formation: Strong H Pro

Play: HB Draw


  1. Send your wide receiver on the right in motion to the left.


  1. If the defense is in man to man coverage, wait for the wide receiver to get all the way over to the left side of the formation.
  2. If the defense is in zone coverage, snap the ball before he gets over to the other side of the field.

(If you can’t tell the difference between man and zone coverage, we break it down in depth it here


Any HB Draw with 2 running backs and a motioned receiver has the potential to spring huge gains. If your opponent is dropping a lot of extra men into coverage, call this play for a huge gain.  If you read a heavy blitz, just audlble to your favorite pass play.

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