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Madden 18

Best Young Defenses To Build Your Madden 18 Franchise Around

One of the best aspects of Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) is customizing your roster and rebuilding your team. The pros at Madden School spend as much time studying CFM as they do competitive H2H gameplay. We’ve already given you our best young offenses to build around, and our 5 best teams to rebuild in Madden’s CFM. So today, we wanted to give you our best young defenses to build your Madden 18 franchise around.

Building a good defense in Madden 18’s CFM takes time and work. You’ll want to start with a nice young crop of defensive players when first starting out. Ideally, you’ll want at least one young up and coming player at every level of your defense. Basically, that means you should look for a promising young D Lineman, Linebacker, and DB (corner or safety) when deciding on which defense to build your franchise around.

Remember, offense scores points, but defense wins championships.

Chicago Bears

The Bears defense is filled with young talent with plenty of potential. The Chicago D possesses all of the necessary elements of an up and coming, young defense. They have good young talent at nearly every level, but especially in their secondary. The defensive front 7 is loaded with decent players, but LOLB Leonard Floyd is truly starting to emerge as a nice young pass rusher and is rated a 77 overall in only his second season. This seems sort of low considering he had some big plays so far this season.

CB Kyle Fuller, FS Eddie Jackson, and SS/FS Adrian Amos are three young players with potential and talent. They ‘re all 25 and younger with ratings of at least 78. Another secondary player, CB Bryce Callahan, is also a nice young talented cornerback who is only 25-years-old and rated a 78. That’s four young players to build a stout secondary around. Undoubtedly, the Bears have plenty of young defensive talent.

Key Young Players: Eddie Jackson FS, Leonard Floyd LOLB, Eddie Goldman DT, Kyle Fuller CB

Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons defense is absolutely loaded with great young talent. Most of their young players on defense have already achieved decent overall ratings in Madden 18. The Falcons linebackers are arguably the fastest and youngest group of linebackers in the game. OLB Vic Beasley, MLB Deion Jones, and OLB De’vondre Campbell are all under the age of 25, and they all boast overall ratings higher than an 81.

When it comes to the secondary, the Falcons have one of the best young safeties in the game with SS Keanu Neal. Atlanta certainly has one of the best young defenses to build around in Madden 18.

Key Young Players: Grady Jarrett DT, Vic Beasley Jr LOLB/LE, Deion Jones MLB, Keanu Neal SS

San Francisco 49er’s

San Francisco had an excellent draft on defense this past year, giving them plenty of young talent in Madden 18. The additions of MLB Reuben Foster and RE Solomon Thomas really boosted the 49’er defensive front 7. DT Deforest Buckner is already rated a 90 overall in only his second season.

The Frisco secondary is middle of the road in terms of overall ratings, but they have a great young SS in Jaquiski Tartt. Tartt was winner in the week 6 ratings update, and our prediction is that his overall will continue to rise. Tartt is only 25 and is in his third season.

Key Young Players: Reuben Foster MLB, Solomon Thomas RE, Deforest Buckner DT, Jaquiski Tartt SS

Dallas Cowboys

When you think about starting a Franchise with the Dallas Cowboys, chances are you aren’t thinking much about their defense, but you definitely should.

We’ll start with the obvious in LE Demarcus Lawrence. At only 25, Lawrence is rated ab 86 overall. He is quicly becoming one of the best young pass rushers in Madden 18. Add in DT David Irving and DT Maliek Collins to go with 2017 first round pick RE Taco Charlton, and the D-line is loaded with young talent.

The Cowboys secondary and linebackers are equally as young and talented. LB Anthony Hitchens, CB Anthony Brown, and FS Byron Jones are all 25-years-old and younger and rated around 80 and higher. You must consider the Cowboys as one of the best young defense’s in Madden 18.

Key Young Players: Demarcus Lawrence LE, Anthony Hitchens LB, Anthony Brown CB, Jourdan Lewis CB, Byron Jones FS

New Orleans Saints

Much like the Cowboys, the Saints aren’t known for their defense. But they have done a magnificent job of stocking that defense with young talent. DT Sheldon Rankins, and RE Alex Okafor are two young defensive lineman to build around in themselves. Then you add in the fact that LE Cameron Jordan is still only 28-years-old and the Saints D-line is stacked with talent for several seasons.

The New Orleans secondary is extremely young and filled with young talented players. CB Marshon Lattimore and FS Marcus Williams are both rookies. Lattimore’s rookie rating of an 84 is one of the highest in Madden 18. He’s joined in the secondary by CB Ken Crawley who is rated an 80 overall in only his second season. Then when you add in CB Delvin Breaux and PJ Williams, the Saints are absolutely stacked with young talent in their secondary.

Key Young Players: Sheldon Rankins DT, Marshon Lattimore CB, Marcus Williams FS, Alex Okafor RE

That just about does it for Madden School’s best young defense’s to build around in Madden 18. Who are some of your favorite young defense’s in Madden 18? Feel free to share your thoughts with the Madden School community in the comments section below.

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  1. No jags? Best cb combo plus telvin, Miles, and that D line.

    1. The Jags are definitely a good choice as well. As roster updates continue to come out, they continue to get better.