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top 5 young pass rushers to build around in Madden 18

Top 5 Young Pass Rushers To Build Around In Madden 18

If you like playing Madden 18’s CFM, then you’re always looking for the next group of young players with potential to build around. That can be tough, though. Sorting through all of the depth charts, ratings, and player detail cards can be a pain. No worries, Madden friends. The pros at Madden School have you covered. Today, we’re bringing you our top 5 young pass rushers to build around in Madden 18.

TJ Watt ROLB Pittsburgh Steelers

Overall: 76

Age: 22

TJ Watt is the younger brother of JJ Watt, so some of you might give him a shot based on that alone. Watt’s a really decent pass rushing option, though. He has everything you look for in a dominant, game changing pass rusher. Watt’s 83 speed and 84 agility give him the quickness needed to beat offensive tackles and chase down mobile QB’s. He also comes with a Swim Move Trait, a Bull Rush Move Trait, and a High Motor Trait.

Leonard Floyd LOLB Chicago Bears

Overall: 77

Age: 24

Leonard Floyd has everything you look for in a franchise pass rusher including a whopping 86 speed, 86 agility, and 88 acceleration. Floyds strength rating is clearly his biggest weakness at a measly 71, but that’s about the only downside to him. He gives you great numbers in every important pass rushing category plus Swim Move, Bull Rush Move, and Spin Move traits. Floyd also has a High Motor and Strips Ball trait, which will give you the potential to get a few strip sacks when you get to the QB with him.

Tyus Bowser LOLB Baltimore Ravens

Overall: 71

Age: 22

Tyus Bowser has some very favorable pass rushing ratings including an 84 speed and 89 acceleration, which is incredible for a pass rushing linebacker. Bowser has potential to become a great franchise pass rusher given his Swim Move and Bull Rush Move Traits. He can use a little extra in the play recognition and awareness departments he’s only at 63 in both, but those can be improved fairly quickly.

Emmanuel Ogbah LE Cleveland Browns

Overall: 74

Age: 23

Emmanuel Ogbah has everything you need to build a great pass rusher. With 85 speed, 77 strength, 80 agility, 83 power moves, and 81 tackle, Ogbah gives you a solid foundation to build upon. He could use a higher finesse moves rating given his is only a 72, but he’ll only become more and more dangerous the higher that number gets. Ogbah also has a Bull Rush Move to help get you to the QB, and a Strips Ball Trait to give you a shot at making some big, game changing plays.

Jordan Willis RE Bengals

Overall: 76

Age: 22

Jordan Willis is one of the fastest defensive ends in Madden 18 with a blazing 87 speed  and 89 acceleration. His 85 strength rating and 81 agility ratings fit nicely with his Swim Move and Bull Rush Move Traits. Willis’ only downside is his low 67 finesse moves rating, but that can definitely be improved upon as you move forward with your franchise. Willis gives you a pass rusher with potential to build around on the Bengals defensive line.

These are just a few of our top 5 young pass rushers to build around in Madden 18. See any that we may have missed? Of course, there are the big names like Myles Garrett, Solomon Thomas, and Joey Bosa. Who are some of your young pass rushers to build around? As always, feel free to share your thoughts and start the conversation in the comments section below.

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  1. Danielle Hunter is scary in Madden. Faster than Jordan Willis and very strong for a speed rusher. He’s only 23, too.

  2. You should be able to trade for leonard Floyd into franchise fairly easily. since he’s put at LOLB he’s behind Parnell McPhee. I traded a 3rd and a 7th round pick and got him.

  3. Danielle Hunter gonna end up a HOF, came into the league at 20 and has ALL the intangibles you want in a DE. speed length strength passrush moves and good at shedding blocks