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young offenses to build around in Madden 18

Talented Young Offenses To Build Your Franchise Team Around In Madden 18

If you’re like most of us who enjoy playing Madden’s iconic Connected Franchise Mode, then it’s likely due the challenge of rebuilding a team. That can be a tough task, though. Want to take over a team with some promising young offensive talent? Well, you’re in luck, Madden friends. The pros at Madden School have a few talented young offenses to build your franchise team around in Madden 18.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are incredibly young at the skill positions on offense. They have put together one of the most promising young offenses in the NFL through the draft and various roster moves. The most recent move being a big trade with the Bills to land both WR Sammy Watkins and WR Robert Woods who are 24 and 25-years-old, respectively. Add in the rookie WR, Cooper Kupp, and your Rams offense could have the deepest receiving corps in the league after a few seasons.

The Rams offense has Jared Goff at QB, and although he’s only rated 77 overall to start, he is coming up quickly. You should be able to improve Goff’s overall rating fairly quickly given you hit some goals and spend your XP wisely. Then there’s Todd Gurley III at HB. Gurley is currently rated an 84 overall and he’s only 23-years-old. The abundance of  skill position players makes the Rams one of the best young offenses to build your franchise team around in Madden 18.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears drafted rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky, and yes, he is one of the main reasons the Bears offense makes our list. But the Bears offense is loaded with young talent across the board. RB’s Jordan Howard and Tarik Cohen are both 22-years-old, and have to be considered one of the best young running back duos in Madden 18. Howard and Cohen give you a solid and stable pair of running backs for many seasons to come in Madden 18’s franchise mode.

The offense also has a fairly young group of receivers headed by WR Cameron Meredith who is rated 83 overall and is only 24-years-old. If you decide you want to build around the young Bears offense, WR Markus Wheaton is another young receiver with potential to develop into a solid option for years to come. Let’s not forget about the Bears O-Line, and the young talent they have there. C Cody Whitehair and LT Charles Leno Jr. are both only 25-years-old and have fairly decent overall ratings. Whitehair is a 79 overall, and Leno Jr. a 72 overall, but they both have the potential to go up quickly given you spend your XP wisely and improve their blocking footwork ratings for both the run and pass.

Cleveland Browns

Yes, that’s right, you might want to consider the Browns. The Cleveland Browns, surprisingly enough, have one of the talented young offenses to build your franchise team around in Madden 18. Of course, QB Deshone Kizer was a top 10 most interesting Madden 18 rookies, but there are plenty of other players on this offense with tons of potential — including the currently eligible to play WR Josh Gordon.  

RB’s Isaiah Crowell and Duke Johnson Jr. are both very young at 24 and 23-years-old respectively. The Browns running backs can make an argument for being the best young duo in the game given they’re both rated a solid 80 overall and have complementary styles and skills. The WR position is also very young in Cleveland with 23-year-old Corey Coleman and 24-year-old Sammie Coates. Coleman is a 79 overall, but you can definitely get that rating to go up quickly by improving his 83 catching and 77 route running. The Browns have to be considered one of the talented young offenses to build your franchise team around in Madden 18, finally.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa’s star players on offense have been around for a few years, but they’re still young. In all seriousness, the Bucs have QB Jameis Winston who is rated an 81 overall and who is still only 23-years-old. Winston’s main target is WR Mike Evans who is probably the best young receiver in Madden 18. Aside from Desean Jackson, the oldest Tampa WR at 30-years-old, the Bucs receiving corps is one of the youngest in Madden 18.

Evans is an absolute Madden beast with a 90 overall rating at only 24-years-old, but his WR counterparts Adam Humphries and Chris Godwin are rated 76 and 75 overall, respectively. Humphries is also age 24 and Godwin is a rookie at only 21-years-old. Let’s not forget about the Tampa Bay TE’s. OJ Howard and Cameron Brate are a deadly combo at the TE position. The Tampa offense is loaded with top young talent at key positions across the offense.

These are just a few talented young offenses to build your franchise team around in Madden 18. Think we overlooked a talented young offense? Think the Titans or the Eagles should have made our list? Feel free to share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments section below. 

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