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Why You Should Use Inside Deadeye In Madden 21

In Madden 21 there are lots of superstar abilities that don’t exactly work all that well. At the same time, however, there are some under the radar abilities that work a lot better than they should.

We covered a bunch of them earlier in the year with some notable ones being Matchup Nightmare and Mid Zone KO.

Today, we are going over another ability that works a lot better than it should in Madden 21.

Inside Deadeye is supposed to give your quarterback, “perfect pass accuracy on throws inside the numbers” but when we tested it, it actually gives you perfect pass accuracy everywhere.

Let’s dive into it in the video below!

Madden 21 Inside Deadeye Ability Breakdown

It’s pretty clear from the video that Inside Deadeye activates on throws inside the numbers, outside the numbers, on the run, short, deep, and anywhere else on the field.

One thing to be aware of is if you are under heavy pressure, that is one of the few things that can cause inside deadeye not to activate.

Inside Deadeye is incredibly cheap to equip in Ultimate Team (1 ability point and 500 training) and you can use it in franchise mode on any superstar quarterback with a rating above 60 overall.

Next: Check out our article explaining why a quarterback’s play action rating makes no impact on the game.

Which superstar abilities do you think are underrated? Let us know in the comments section below!

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William Wylie
William Wylie
2 years ago

How do you show the superstar abilities and madden 20 on PS4?