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The Best Superstar Ability For Pass Coverage In Madden 21

Today we are going over a little used defensive superstar ability in Madden 21 that will make it much harder for your opponent to pass the ball.

The ability is called, “Mid Zone KO” and it is supposed to only work less than 20 yards from the LoS inside the numbers and 10-20 outside the numbers.

In reality, the ability activates anywhere on the field as long as your player is in zone defense. He can be 50 yards downfield in a deep blue zone and the ability will activate leading to more interceptions and more pass break ups.

Mid Zone KO works this way on both next generation consoles (PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X/S) as well as curret generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and XBOX One).

This is an easy and low cost ability to equip in both Franchise mode or Ultimate Team. In Ultimate Team, it costs as little as 1 ability point and in franchise mode, you can equip it on many of your players as long as they are superstar and 70+ overall.

Let’s dive into the video below!

As you can see in the video this ability is absolutely overpowered. You can easily equip 5+ guys on your defense with this ability and make it an absolute nightmare for your opponent to pass against you.

So go put Mid Zone KO on your pass defenders, call a zone defense and see the results.

Let us know how it works out for you in the comments section below!

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  1. Cool tip, but I play franchise mode so I have to choose between Mid Zone KO and Acrobat. In your opinion, is Mid Zone KO a better choice than Acrobat?

    1. If you play a lot of man to man coverage I’d go with Acrobat and if you play more zone go with mid zone ko.

  2. Honestly thtats cool tip bit im new to this wat is acrobat means

  3. I was under the impression that Acrobat is (intended for) CB’s
    Pick Artist was for ILB’s & safeties.
    Lurker was for zone specialist, Slot CB’s & sub-lb’s etc.

    Anyhow, could you plz let me know if I’m wrong, bcuz I don’t wanna continue doing ignorant crap like; putting the wrong abilities on the wrong guys.

    PS: One more thing; – Maybe its just me but it seems that, along w/ increasing AP cost, EA also nerfed acrobat for non CB’s !?! What do u think?
    anyway, love the site. very informative. thx.

  4. Does MidZone KO still currently work like this after the last update? Also, Does Inside Deadeye work at all times still for QB?? Thanks!

  5. Great tip since I just started playing only a month ago. I played madden before but stopped during the previous 2 seasons. So it’s like learning to ride a bike again for me lol.

  6. Can you actually get an INT like in that pic?