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Madden 21: Pistol Bunch – Read Option

In today’s tip, we are going over one of the best read option plays in Madden 21.

Make sure you have a decent running back and a speedy quarterback to make this play work best.

Lets dive in!

Playbook: Pistol

Formation: Pistol Bunch

Play: Read Option

Setup: None Required


  1. Read the edge defender on the left of the defensive line. If he crashes down to your running back, run with your quarterback to the left.
  2. If the edge defender contains, press A/X to hand the ball off to your running back and run through the middle of your offensive line.

Overview: This is the best read option in the game because you have your tight end as a lead blocker that you can follow to get big yardage on the ground.

This play is also a very effective play in the red zone. A defense should not be able to stop you 3 times in a row if you are within 10 yards of the endzone.

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