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Madden 18 Madden School TE duos

Top TE Duos To Use In Madden 18

The Madden season is in full swing, and that means the pros at Madden School are hard at work studying the x’s and o’s of the game. Today, we’re breaking down some of the game’s top duos. Madden players know just how versatile the two TE sets are in Madden 18. We’ve been looking over the depth charts, and we’re bringing you our top TE duos to use in Madden 18.

Throughout the course of the Madden season, certain positions become more and more important to your success on the field. The Tight End position is certainly one of those in Madden 18. Players who can work the middle of the field with big, fast TE’s that can create mismatches have a significant advantage when on offense.

When you couple one TE with another talented TE, you can certainly do some damage, quick. Two TE’s allow you to still use a power run game while also making your opponent respect that deep, over the middle passing threat.

Used properly, a strong TE duo makes your offense dimensional, and definitely leaves your opponents guessing all game long. Here are Madden School’s top TE duos in Madden 18.

Jimmy Graham & Luke Willison

Seattle Seahawks

Graham and Willison combined are probably the fastest TE duo on our list. Graham’s 89 overall rating and Willison’s 80 overall rating give the Seahawks two TE’s rated 80 or higher. Graham can play in the slot on pretty much every down which allows you to keep Willison at the TE spot in certain formations. Given Willison’s incredible speed and ability to create separation against slower safeties and linebackers, having both of these TE’s on the field at the same time can really open up your passing game with QB Russell Wilson.

Since Wilson has the ability to effectively roll out of the pocket, either left or right, then throw with accuracy, two TE’s on the field at the same time just adds another dimension to your offense that is going to drive your opponent absolutely crazy. Oh, add in WR Doug Baldwin, WR Tyler Lockett, and WR Paul Richardson, and Seattle users have more than enough weapons and options at their disposal in the passing game.

Rob Gronkowski & Martellus Bennett

New England Patriots

This could be Rob Gronkowski and pretty much any other player with a fairly decent rating over a 78ish. But it’s almost not fair with Gronk’s 99 overall rating and Bennett’s 84 overall rating at the TE position. This was actually going to be Gronk and Dwayne Allen, who is rated a fair 79 overall, but after the Pats signed Bennett, he surpassed Allen on the depth chart. You can always go with a three TE set, with all three players on the field at once. Depending on the defense you’re facing, you could have your way with the running and passing game all day against your opponent.

Jordan Reed & Vernon Davis

Washington Redskins

Even though Reed is currently injured, this pair of TE’s is deadly when they’re on the field together. Reed and Davis are both pass catching TE’s who play more like WR’s the way they can make big plays in the passing game.

Both are two of the fastest players at the TE position in Madden 18, and they put a lot of stress on your defensive playcalling by limiting your formations and personnel groupings. Too many LB’s on the field, you’ll get burned in the passing game. Try to keep CB’s on the field in an attempt to cover them, the Skins have the ability to run the ball right at any defense in Madden 18. Very tough to defend these two TE’s together.

Hunter Henry & Antonio Gates

Los Angeles Chargers

These two TE’s give you a little old school, new school combo at the position. With TE Antonio Gates taking a back seat to Hunter Henry on the depth chart, this duo can sneak up on a defense as you may forget that Gates is on the field in two TE sets. This pairing is interesting because they can both run block, have speed, and have nice catch ratings. The options that these two TE’s open up for the Chargers offense are endless.

When you start to get your opponent off balance with your playcalling, then slowly begin to sneak Gates out onto the field in certain formations. You can also sub your personnel by putting the TE in the slot in three wide sets, which would then put Gates at the TE spot, and Henry at a WR position. Utilize a little motion, a little Play Action passing, and you can hit your opponent with some big plays and keep them off balance.

Coby Fleener & Josh Hill

New Orleans Saints

The Saints TE duo flies under the radar, especially TE Josh Hill. Madden players are becoming wise to Coby Fleener’s ability, but, like Gates and Henry, you can sneak Hill out onto the field in certain formations to take advantage of particular mismatches. Using two TE’s like Fleener and Hill cause serious match-up problems for your opponents because they’re versatile and relatively unknown.

When you take the field with New Orleans, you have a lot of players who pose huge match-up problems for opposing defenses. With a great RB duo in Kamara and Ingram, and two solid WR’s with Michael Thomas and Ted Ginn Jr, TE’s Fleener and Hill are likely the last threats your opponents are expecting.

Honorable Mention: OJ Howard & Cameron Brate
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Howard and Brate get an honorable mention from the friendly folks here at Madden School. They’ve fallen off in terms of their overall ratings, but they are definitely a top TE duo to watch for as the season progresses. Keep in mind, Howard is still a rookie with a 79 overall rating while Brate holds a 78 overall rating at the moment. They both possess a great deal of speed at the position, and each are capable of burning a defense over the middle on various post and crossing routes.

When you factor in their WR counterparts, Mike Evans and Desean Jackson, the TE’s aren’t your opponents first concerns allowing for some possible surprises in the Play Action passing game. If one or both of these TE’s can bring their overall ratings over 80, then they’ll make a very formidable pair of TE’s that Madden players will have to respect.

Need some ideas as to how exactly you should use these deadly TE duos? Check out Mazin’s Pistol Ace PA Boot tip of the day. This is a common 2 TE 1 RB and 2 WR formation with a lot of versatility and creative potential.

See any top TE duos that didn’t make our list? Do you think any of our duos should have been left off of the list? The Bears have two pretty decent TE’s when healthy. Maybe TE Zach Miller and Dion Sims are worthy of making our list?

As always, share your thoughts and get the conversation started in the comments section below.

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