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Madden 18 Week 11 Player Ratings Update: Winners And Losers

The latest roster is now available to download, and as always the pros at Madden School have all this week’s ratings highlights, winners and losers. Fresh off of our mid-season player ratings, we’re ready to kick off our weekly ratings analysis once again. As always, Madden School is dedicated to providing you with the latest Madden 18 ratings news and expert analysis. Here are the Madden 18 week 11 player ratings update winners and losers.


Adrian Clayborn RE Atlanta Falcons

Up 3 points from 81 to 84 overall 

You could say that Clayborn was shorted on his rating given his incredible 6 sack performance last week against the Dallas Cowboys. However, that was more of an apparition, and don’t expect Clayborn to just start dominating NFL tackles. The upgrade is huge across the already fast Atlanta Defense who can dominate a game and ruin even the best passing attack. You’re going to want to pay that much more attention to the Falcons D after this update.

Kevin Byard FS Tennessee Titans

Up 3 points from 85 to an 88 overall

After this ratings update, Byard’s rating is up by 12 whopping points since launch. That’s a ratings hike worthy of making our mid-season ratings winners and losers. Regardless, Byard’s AWR is up by a big 3 points to an 86, and both his ZCV and MCV are up by 3 points as well. Byard is strong in zone coverage as his rating is an impressive 89. Kevin Byard can make big plays for your defense, and he deserves to make our winners list.

Anthony Hitchens MLB Dallas Cowboys

Up 3 points from 74 to 77 overall

Hitchens has taken over as one of the best players on the Cowboys defense, and his overall rating is finally starting to reflect that. Hitchens’ AWR went up by 2 very big points to an 82 rating. To go with that, the MLB for the Cowboys received a boost in his BSH and PUR. BSH went up by 4 while Hitchens’ BSH went up by 5. Both huge categories for a MLB.


Taylor Decker LT Detroit Lions

Down 3 points from 82 to 79 overall

Decker’s drop off in his overall rating is a clear result of his struggles as of late. Decker’s RBK fell by 3 points, but if that’s not bad enough, his PBK plummeted by an incredible 5 points. Together, these two ratings categories essentially make up an offensive lineman, and you don’t have to look very hard to see why Decker dropped by 3 in his rating.

Ryan Schraeder RT Atlanta Falcons

Down 3 points from 83 to 80 overall

Another struggling Tackle, Ryan Schraeder fell off by 3 in his overall rating, same as Decker. Schraeder’s overall dropped down to an 80, but for all you Falcon fans that’s certainly enough to make a difference in your gameplan and playcalling. This drop in his rating means that Schraeder has fallen by 7 points in his overall rating since launch. That’s a huge number to drop.

Lawrence Timmons LOLB Miami Dolphins

Down 3 points from 81 to 78 overall

Timmons’ overall rating has gone up and down this season, but this week it went down. Timmons fell off by 3 points from an 81 to a 78 overall. His BSH suffered particularly as it fell by an amazing 6 points. Timmons also saw a 4 point drop in his MCV, 3 in PRC, and 3 in PUR. All of these are vital ratings categories for a MLB, and Timmons is simply slipping.

Roosevelt Nix FB Pittsburgh Steelers

Down 8 points from 67 to a 59

We just have to mention this huge 8 point ratings drop for FB Roosevelt Nix of the Steelers. Those of you who really know your Madden, know that Nix used to be rated fairly well for a FB. In fact, Nix started the season rated an 80 overall at launch. In particular, Nix’ RBK and IBL ratings both fell off by 10 points. Those are the premiere ratings categories for FB’s, and Nix dropped big. So much for a FB, Steelers fans.

Who were some of your big winners and losers from the week 11 ratings update? Several Falcons could have made our list after their performance against Dallas. Anyone you see getting robbed or snubbed in the ratings? As always, share your thoughts and join the conversation in the comments section below.



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