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Madden 18: Pistol Ace – PA Boot

In today’s Madden School tip, Mazin is covering a passing play from the Pistol Ace formation to go along with the Strong Power running play.

Check out the full video breakdown below.

Madden 18: Pistol Ace - PA Boot

Playbook: Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Pistol Ace

Play: PA Boot


  1. Slant your X/square receiver
  2. Cancel playaction after the snap (Hold RT/R2)

Overview:  This is a great passing play out of this formation because it has great routes but also the ability to pick up any blitz because of the blocked RB and the Blue Route to the TE.

The passing concept from this play stretches the field both vertically and horizontally by attacking the defense with 3 levels and also having a vertical threat. I also love it because you can attack the other side exactly the same just by flipping the play.

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