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This Play Beats Every Coverage In Madden 23

Having plays that beat every coverage is one of the biggest luxuries in Madden.

Our Madden School Unlimited members have an endless supply of them but today we are sharing one of them found in the Washington Commanders’ playbook.

Check out the full breakdown below!

This Madden 23 Money Play Beats Every Coverage

Playbook: Washington Commanders

Formation: Gun Bunch

Play: Clearout FL In


  1. Make sure you are on the left hash mark
  2. Smart route your X/square receiver
  3. Motion your B/circle receiver to the right and hot route him to a comeback route


  1. Against man press defense, your first read should always be the X/square receiver right after he beats the press
  2. Against Cover 3 defenses, your RB/R1 receiver should get open deep. Lead pass to the sideline
  3. Against Cover 2 defenses, you can hit your tight end in the seam
  4. Your running back’s route gets open against every single zone in the game so if you feel pressure, dump it off to him.

Overview: This play beats every single defense in Madden 23. You have deep routes that get open as well as a really good underneath route from your running back.

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Let’s take a closer look at how this play works.

This is how the play art should look right before you snap the ball. You can see the defense is likely either in a Cover 3 or a Cover 1 based on their alignment.

After we snap the ball, we can see it is a cover 3 defense. The comeback route on the right pulls the cornerback on the right down with him leaving the safety alone to cover 2 routes.

We lead pass to our RB/R1 receiver away from the safety and we have plenty of room to run.

The play ends up as a touchdown!

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1 year ago

Any defensive ebooks coming or a great play to contain blitzes?