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Madden 23 Unstoppable Route

This Route Is Unstoppable In Madden 23

Welcome to another Madden season! In today’s free tip, we are going over one of the hardest routes to defend in all of Madden 23.

You can almost throw this pass blindly (just watch out for your opponent’s user defender) and you should get anywhere from 5-15 yards every time.

We’ve got the full breakdown below!

Madden 23 Money Play: Gun Wing Slot Wk - Raven Double Post

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Formation: Gun Wing Slot Wk

Play: Ravens Double Post


  1. Make sure you are on the left hash mark
  2. (Optional) Motion your A/X tight end to the left and hot route him to a streak route


  1. Against any coverage in the game except zone drops set to 0, your RB/R1 running back should be open in the flats (see the video for timing)
  2. If your opponent does have zone drops set to 0, just wait slightly longer for your running back’s wheel route to head upfield and then throw it
  3. If the running back is covered, the B/circle tight end will be open underneath

Overview: This is one of the easiest passes to make in all of Madden 23 and it is good for 5-15 yards every single play.

Pro Tip: Use a quarterback with a velocity improvement ability like Set Feet Lead or Pass Lead Elite to make this even more effective. It also helps to have a fast running back.

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Let’s take a closer look at how this play works!

This is what the default play art looks like. You don’t need to make any changes to it unless your opponent is in man coverage

Right after we snap the ball, you can see a sweet spot in this defense (Cover 3). We want to get the ball out quick to our running back in the flat.

We make the catch with no defenders around our running back and turn it upfield.

Madden 23 Unstoppable Route

By the time we are run out of bounds, we have an 18 yard gain.

Consistent quick passes to the flat will force your opponent to have to adjust early on which should open up the deep passing game later.

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9 months ago

Awesome content right out of the gate as always Madden School!

Hey everyone – I’ve been with MS since Madden 16. The knowledge and skills they teach has always been the best available in the community.

Take it from me, if you want to take your game to much higher levels of play, it is a total no-brainer for you to enroll as a member! Don’t pass up the opportunity!

Sam C.

9 months ago
Reply to  Madden School

Are you guys releasing a full scheme out of ravens playbook?

9 months ago

Joining Madden school is the best thing I have done!! My gameplay has improved tremendously. Easy to understand insights and always providing updates!