Over the last few days, we have been going over how to stop one of the most effective schemes in Madden 16 from the Gun Trio Offset formation.  The 2 most common plays you will see from that formation are Inside Zone and Four Verticals.

Today, we are going over how to stop your opponent when he decides to mix in TE Corner routes from the Gun Trio Offset formation.

Playbook: Any 3-4

Formation: Nickel 2-4-5

Play: 2 Man Under


  1. Shift DL towards run side (left by default)
  2. Crash DL away from the run (right by default)
  3. Manually move the left ILB left a few steps so he’s outside of the DT
  4. (Optional) Re-blitz left ILB
  5. Hot route SS to a purple zone
  6. QB spy ROLB

Summary:   For this play, we follow the same steps as the previous two videos. We line up in the Inside Zone defense and then we make our reads based on what the TE does.

As a user, the TE is your focus for this setup. Wherever he goes, you go. We add a spy into the mix on the left side to encourage the QB to roll away from the TE corner and into our heavier coverage where we can force mistakes.