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How To Defend Gun Trio Offset – Four Verticals

Stopping four verticals can be a challenging task in Madden 16, especially when your opponent is doing it from the Gun Trio Offset formation with the unbumpable drag route.

What we are focusing on in this tip is first lining up in our Inside Zone defense and then placing hook zones on the left side of the field that play drag routes perfectly.

You can check out the full breakdown and setup below.

Madden 16: Defending Gun Trio Offset - Four Verticals

Playbook: Any 3-4 playbook

Formation: Nickel 2-4-5

Play: 2 Man Under


  1. Shift DL towards run side (left by default)
  2. Crash DL away from the run (right by default)
  3. Manually move the left ILB left a few steps so he’s outside of the DT
  4. (Optional) Re-blitz left ILB

If you don’t re-blitz the left ILB, do the following steps to place him in a hook zone that will stop the TE drag route

  1. Globally zone all Linebackers
  2. Globally spy the ROLB (left on dpad)
  3. Base align twice
  4. Globally blitz the LOLB (right on dpad)

If you do blitz the left ILB:

  1. Hot route the FS to a hook zone
  2. Spy ROLB
  3. Re-deep blue the SS

Summary: We want to use a 3-4 man pass rush with a QB spy to force the QB to roll out and then release our spy for sacks and mistakes from the QB.

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