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How To Defend Gun Trio Offset – Inside Zone

At this point in the Madden 16 season, everyone knows to expect Inside Zone running plays out of Shotgun formations.  One of the more popular Inside Zone runs is found in the Gun Trio Offset formation.

In today’s video tip, SnA Exclusive goes over how he slows down that running play.

Madden 16: Defending Gun Trio Offset Part 1 - Stopping Inside Zone

Playbook: Any 3-4

Formation: Nickel 2-4-5

Play: 2 Man Under


  1. Shift DL towards run side (left by default)
  2. Crash DL away from the run (right by default)
  3. Manually move the left ILB left a few steps so he’s outside of the DT
  4. Re-blitz left ILB

Summary:  Stopping Inside Zone from this formation is the first thing you’ll want to account for, since most people will use this as their base run. Doing this setup creates a 3v2 matchup on the play side, thus leaving your ILB free to shoot a gap and either make an easy tackle or force the cutback.

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