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How To Stop The QB Sneak on XBOX One and PS4

stop qb sneak in madden 25

Whether you are a pro Madden gamer or someone playing for the first time, chances are that when presented wit ha 4th and 1 or 4th and inches situation, you automatically call Goalline Normal – QB Sneak.

QB Sneak has become as close to automatic as you can get in those situations.  And while it still works on the XBOX One and PlayStation 4 versions of Madden 25, it is no longer a guaranteed conversion.  In fact, I labbed up a way to stop the QB sneak for a loss every time if you know it is coming.

The video below provides a detailed description.

Madden 25 How To Stop QB Sneak On PS4 and XBOX One

Playbook: 46

Formation: 46 Normal

Play: Inside Blitz


  1. Press coverage
  2. Pinch and crash your D-line down
  3. Blitz your Strong safety, and move him right between your 2 defensive tackles directly over the center
  4. Run Commit

When done correctly, this play stops the dreaded Goalline QB Sneak every time.  Obviously it has all kinds of weaknesses against other plays though so keep that in mind when calling it.


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