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Converting 4th and Short in Madden 25 On PS4 and XBOX One

converting 4th and short on ps4

Over the last few years, converting 4th and 1 or less was pretty much automatic.  All you had to do was call Goalline Normal – QB Sneak and tap the jump button a couple times and that was an automatic yard or 2.  That strategy still works on PS3 and XBOX 360 but it is not nearly as effective on the PlayStation 4 or XBOX one.

In fact, I can shut down QB Sneak 100% of the time if I know it is coming even if it is 4th and inches.  I will post that technique later today.  Once more and more people come up with similar concepts to mine or create some of their own, I believe that QB Sneak will become just about extinct as we move forward with Madden NFL games.

With that in mind, I decided to go over an alternate way to convert 4th and short that works very well for me.  The basic concept is to use a power run formation and call a straight forward run like HB Dive and diving with your running back right when you get the ball.  You end up getting at least a yard or 2 every time.  The video below explains it in detail.

Madden 25 PS4 XBOX One How To Convert 4th and Short

The formation I like to call to make this play most effective is some sort of full house or formation with 3 guys in the backfield.

Play: HB Dive or HB Iso or any play with your running back running straight ahead that isn’t a draw


  1. Motion one of your blockers to right in between the center and right guard
  2. Snap the ball, hold turbo, take one step forward, and hit the dive button (square on PS4 and X and XBOX One)

This is the concept I use to convert any sort of 4th and 1 or 4th and inches.  You want to dive before any defender is around you. Your running back should dive forward for 2 or 3 yards.

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