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Sleeper Teams To Watch In Madden 18 Online Head To Head Games

When you go to choose your squad for an online Head to Head game in Madden 18, keep in mind that the highest rated teams aren’t always the best choice. Really great online Madden 18 players that you’ll come across when playing H2H games are typically prepared to face the top teams. No need to worry, you’ve come to the right place. The pros here at Madden School are dedicated to keeping you one step ahead of the competition. So today, we’re giving you our sleeper teams to watch in Madden 18 online Head to Head games.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are solid at every important skill position on offense including QB, WR, and RB. MInnesota is extremely deep at RB in particular. Latavius Murray, Dalvin Cook, and the forgotten about Jerick McKinnon each have the potential to serve as the starter. Murray is big and fast, too. Cook can catch the ball, and McKinnon has speed and elusiveness. 

The Vikings also have an excellent defense with an extremely talented front 7 filled with pass rushers across the D-line. FS Harrison Smith is one of the top rated players at that position next to Eric Berry and Earl Thomas. Although the O-Line is a little weak, Minnesota has good, or at least decent talent at nearly every important position on both offense and defense. In all, Minnesota is definitely one of the sleeper teams to watch in Madden 18 online Head to Head games.

Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati’s offense is filled with speed, speed, and more speed. Rookie WR John Ross was definitely one of the rookies we were looking forward to seeing when Madden 18 came out. Ross’s 98 speed rating makes him a dangerous weapon at the WR spot, but when you factor in top rated WR AJ Green, the Bengal offense is flat out deadly. Add in TE Tyler Eifert and running backs Jeremy HIll, Gio Bernard, and rookie Joe Mixon, and the Cincinnati offense is loaded with playmakers. The Bengals are definitely one of the sleeper teams to watch in Madden 18 online Head to Head games.   

Kansas City Chiefs

Every year, it seems the Kansas City Chiefs are forgotten about by online Head to Head Madden players. I think it’s mostly due to Alex Smith’s lower ratings year in and year out. Madden 18 is no different as Smith is rated a measly 80 overall, which doesn’t seem to reflect his actual production and numbers on the field. Nonetheless, the Chiefs offense is not their main attraction in Madden 18.

Instead, their 91 overall rated defense should be the reason you play with or against the Kansas City Chiefs. To put it simply, the Chiefs defense is absolutely loaded from top to bottom, and their depth chart on that side of the ball is littered with top rated players.

With stud players in the secondary such as CB Marcus Peters and FS Eric Berry, the Chiefs defense is tough to throw against. When you add in speedy pass rushers like OLBs Tamba Hali and Justin Houston, Kansas City makes for an incredibly tough opponent that is difficult to score against.

If the defense isn’t giving you enough headaches, WR Tyrique Hill is one of the fastest players in Madden 18 next to Cincinnati WR John Ross. Hill is truly a game changer and is more than a WR who can beat you deep. He’s also one of the punt and kick returners in Madden 18. Couple Hill’s blazing speed with TE Travis Kelce’s ability to make catches down the middle of the field, and the Kansas City Chiefs are one of those sleeper teams to watch in Madden 18.

These are only three of our sleeper teams to watch in Madden 18 online Head to Head games. Definitely, there are more. Who are some of your teams? Tampa Bay comes to mind? Indianapolis Colts have some talent as well. As always, feel free to leave your comments in the section below.

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6 years ago

Carolina for me

6 years ago

Titans and jaguars have so much speed on defense in particular the linebacker position. They are two of the toughest teams to beat to me

6 years ago

miami dolphins im doing pretty good with them jay cutler has a rocket arm though tends to overthrow and we have weak corners

Luke Loughlin
Luke Loughlin
5 years ago

I Need To Get Better in Madden 17 + Madden 18 And when i Play Agianst a Team i Always Mess up when i play Now But i Am Underfeated
In the Game I Think Im 18 -0 or I Might Be 19 -1 or 2 But All i Need To Focus on is How to Get Better on Playing the Seattle Seahawks and Green bay Packers