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Players With The Highest Speed Rating In Madden 18

If there is one attribute that gets Madden players most excited, it is undoubtedly the speed rating.  This year, there are 32 guys with speed ratings 94 and above.

Bengals’ rookie John Ross has the highest rating in the game with a 98, while the Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill comes in 1 below him at 97.

Below is the full list of every Madden 18 player with speed 94 or above.  If you want to see the full ratings for every player in Madden 18, you can do so here.

[table id=75 datatables_fixedcolumns_left_columns=3 /]

Who is underrated? Overrated?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Corey Coleman of the Browns should be at least 95 speed. Madden is trash.

  2. You mean Trae Waynes is rated higher that Rhodes closed?!?!

  3. Tyreek hill had two of the nfls fastest speeds last season with 22.7 mph and 23.4 mph respectively. How is he not a 98 speed either.

  4. Where’s cordarelle Patterson?

  5. How could j ross not be 100 speed?Madden ratings decline yearly.Beasley,Winston,dix etc get shafted but Luck is higher than carr(Or high at all)?

  6. Ea uses rex And company yearly to make excuses And tell us theyre working hard but maybe next year,only to give us a bunch of features that could easily have been patched,a regression in time with a half ass career mode with no control,no updates to franchise mode or custom rosters except we can now begin a franchise from anywhere in current live nfl season lol.Smh you would think that we could get accurate ratings for once,but not ea’s style.Just send ea con men rex,clint And company to sell you on less And the future that never comes lol.

    Ps,i thought rex said once they got frostbite we would have soo much more,but frostbite hasnt changes a damn thing besides presentation ,And crowds

  7. Madden sets the precedence for mediocrity.I guess since theyre the monopoly yearly roster updates,usless silly features,poor ratings,hand feeding the fan tidbit by tidbit of what football should be on next gen 2017 is acceptable.Why not,There’s no competition And so they’ll buy it anyway;Let just focus on our money grab(Mut) .The fact that 2k basketball features And customizations crush madden hands down And the old 2k football are better And more sound(Minus graphics),than the next gen 2017 madden is insane And utterly unacceptable.No integrity ,just charge 70$,give them half cock features,milk Mut,And update rosters inaccurately And song And dance the community And ea will be fine(people have to have their football)!Its that big

  8. They knew this game was nearly the same with the worst career mode ever,gimmick nonsense features,inaccurate ratings,And thats why ea kept soo quiet.Lol this is how you introduce frostbite smh.Fifa was lucky