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Madden 18 Run Defense: 3-4 Odd – Cover 4 Drop Show 2

Having run defense in short yardage situations, is incredibly important in Madden 18.  In today’s free tip, Stickwork is going over one good way to stop the run.

We’ve got the full breakdown below.

Madden 18 Run Defense: 3-4 Odd - Cover 4 Drop Show 2

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens (and many others)

Formation: 34 Odd

Play: Cover 4 Drop Show 2


  1. Base Align
  2. Press Coverage
  3. Hard Flat the outside zones
  4. Slant inside the defensive line

Overview: This setup puts the defense in the perfect position to fill all the run gaps. Your Theopponent will not be able to bounce it to the outside or cut up the middle. User the middle linebacker and shoot a gap.

This is how the play should look right before your opponent snaps the ball.

This is how it will look to the offense.

All we have to do is user-control one of the middle linebackers and find a gap to shoot through.

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  1. I originated this defense 3 yrs ago. It’s 2 steps you’re leaving out. 1st is to spread linebackers and if u think it’s a inside run pinch the D line. And Never play hard flats unless it’s goal line defense inside the 10 yard line and closer. It leaves u open to give up big pass plays if u put them in hard flats especially since there’s no pass rush with this play. This is the best red zone defense in the game

    1. Weellll, you’d have to KNOW it’s a run. If you KNOW it’s a run, this is great defense. And it’s best to hard flat if a run. You’re right though, if it isn’t a run and there are corner routes on the play, you’re screwed. Just give these guys a break…… Daaaaaang! You come here to get tips which means your game is lacking something and then you just rag on the tips you see on here. C’mon guys, do better.

  2. I hike the ball way to quickly for you to make all these pre-snap adjustments. Experienced players won’t sit there while you make these adjustments.

    1. Thanks for the comment. However, it does show your inexperience a little. Before every snap, the defense has a minimum of 8 seconds to make adjustments. Before you ever even come close to snapping the ball, all of these adjustments will be made and could probably be made twice.

      That isn’t to say this is some amazing play, but most experienced players can make at least 8 adjustments pre-snap. This one takes much less.

      1. Ummmm……. “Experienced player” here…… lol. @Maddenshool these guys don’t know what they’re talking about as you already know. hahahaha. Please, keep posting. Great tip.

  3. Forget what these dudes talking bout. The hard flats is your preference of coverage and should be adjusted to your opponent… but my question is, it looks like globally changed both them LBs to hard flats. HOW?

  4. If you don’t run hard flat, there’s too many pa flat routes this year. It’s not like last year. You can pull a soft squat back and get 5-8 yards guaranteed.

    Defensively, you have to make adjustments. If you think he’s going under, hard flat. With this tip, they’re showing you a play to stop the run. It’s effective. Take it for what it is.

  5. I’m getting torched on drags and crosses. What’s a good setup for that?