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Preventing Long Kick Returns in Madden 25

m25 kickoff coverage

Kickoff returns are way too easy in Madden 25.  If you play against someone with any sort of skill, you will notice about 1 out of every 4 kickoffs are returned for touchdowns.  In today’s free Madden 25 tip, we are going over a way to stop that from happening.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 25 Kickoff Coverage (Tips On Stopping The Kick Return)

Playbook: Any

Play: Kickoff Middle


  1. Put the kicking arrow all the way up and to the left
  2. Flick down on the right stick and quickly to the left (see the video for exact timing)

Madden School Pro Tip: Substitute a guy with high sped and hit power ratings in the far left kickoff spot.  This will help you force more fumbles.

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  1. all they have to do is let it go out of bounds…. then theyre at the 40 and only one pass away from a f/g….

    1. You also have a chance of the ball staying in bounds and recovering like an onside kick.

  2. All the going to do is move returner and get ball at the 40 everytime in excellent field position.

    1. You can also kick it toward the middle of the field or to the right if you are scared of your opponent moving his player out of the way.

      What you are saying it correct but it is also the point of the video. There is zero chance that your opponent will ever start past the 40 yard line while with any other type of kick you are always risking giving up a touchdown or a long (50+ yard) return

  3. Thanks guys! Great stuff. @ greenbacks, I don’t think this is to spam on every single kickoff however I’d rather my opponent get it at the 40 in the 4th quarter with little time left than for him to run it back to the house for the tie/win.

    1. That is exactly correct. People are conditioned to think that penalties are bad. In this case, they are not. If you told me my opponent would start somewhere between the 30 and 40 yard line every possession, I’d take that in an instant. Absolutely worst case scenario is they get the ball at the 40 yard line. If you kick it deep, you’ll be giving up touchdowns 1 out of every 3 or 4 times.

  4. Thank you for all of your postings. They have helped out a great deal, however, this one, I would not recommend. If the recieving team, switches to that player next to sidelines, all he has to do is move out of the way of the ball being kicked,the ball is now kicked out of bounds, and now the kicking team is penalized with horrible field position.

  5. The defender can just move away and take the illegal procedure penalty…

  6. Hey guys thanks for the great videos I’ll watched everyone one of them, and appreciate all of the help. I would greatly appreciate any help on trying to stop the read option. Any formation but preferably spread or 3-4 wrs. Any play that could stop that and passing routes too would be great. Thanks for your time.

  7. I love this tip and Agree..If it’s the 4th, I am NOT giving up a TD on a kick return, instead I make them work for those 40 yards and play DEFENSE. Great tip.

  8. Thanks great tip I was getting frustrated giving up 40-50 yards return during kick offs , hey when you guys get a chance I’m having major difficulty in stopping those outside runs almost started to cry lol all my losses are due to that area I can’t contain. Thanks again for the great tip.

  9. I need your help is there any way to stop the curl route when running man to man?