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Our New MS Unlimited Pricing

In the spirit of full transparency, today we are announcing a $20 per year price increase for new members of our Madden School Unlimited program. This change will not effect returning members who are grandfatherered in at the previous rate of $59.99 per year. The new rate of $79.99 per year takes effect today.

But don’t worry, we aren’t going to leave you hanging! You can still get the discounted price of $59.99 from now until August 31st, 2020 by using the coupon code “preorder” for $20 off.

We’ve kept our Unlimited pricing the same for 5 years, never once raising the price while providing more and more content each year. In fact, this is the first time in our 13 year history that we have ever raised the price on anything.

But it is finally time and something that had to be done. There are a few reasons we decided to make this change now which we’ll go over in detail below.

First, we want to provide even more content than ever before. You may have noticed all the different tools and hubs we have already built for Madden 21. There is a lot more to come! These things take a lot of time and resources to develop and the small increase in our membership fee will help us provide our members with more content than ever before.

One example of this is our brand new Madden School Film Room.

In Madden 21 we are introducing the Film Room which now comes standard with every Unlimited membership. It includes 3-5 premium tips per week all year long to go with all our world-class ebooks, tools, and support. This one addition alone is an amazing value for only an additional $20 per year (less than $2 per month).

Second, over the years our pricing has not grown with our competitors. It got to the point where we were providing twice as much content for half the price of other websites and that isn’t sustainable long term.

Every major competitior of ours charges around $100-$150 per year. Even with the new price of Madden School Unlimited at $79.99 per year, we are still priced significantly under the competition and our content is the best around!

Lastly, it is a console change year which means we will be doing double the work of a normal year. This year we are creating tips, ebooks, tools, etc that are designed for both the current generation of consoles (XBOX One & PS4) and then we’ll do it all over again for the next generation consoles (XBOX Series X & PS5) that come out later in the year.

Creating that much content requires a ton of work but we want to make sure we have our members covered no matter what console they play on.

Remember, existing prices for current members will never change as long as you have an active membership. And from now until August 31st, 2020 anyone can use the coupon code “preorder” for $20 off Madden School Unlimited to lock in the savings not just for this year but for all future years too.

And this year we’ve launch the most customer friendly policy in the entire Madden community with our new 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. So if for whatever reason you find we aren’t a good fit for you, you’ll get your money back with no hassle.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using the support link in the menu.

Thank you for supporting Madden School! We are incredibly excited about what we have in store for you in Madden 21.


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3 years ago

Sounds like big things happening!!! Cant wait for the 1st book to drop!!!!

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