At Madden School, we believe in radical transparency. Our members and customers have supported us for 14 Madden games and we owe it to you to be as transparent as possible in our policies. To celebrate Madden 21 being the 14th Madden game that we’ve covered, we are introducing our new 14 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee!

5 years ago we introduced a revolutionary idea into the Madden community that had never been tried before. Instead of charging individually for ebooks at $25-30 a pop, we took a massive risk and created our Madden School Unlimited membership where our customers could make 1 purchase for the price of around 2 ebooks and get access to every single ebook, tool, and mini scheme we released the entire year.


Fast forward to today and Madden School Unlimited is by far our best selling product and every major Madden website on the internet has copied the idea (although most still charge double the price of our Unlimited membership). It is so popular that it’s hard to remember a time when people still bought ebooks individually.

In the short term, this idea cost us a ton of money. Customers buying 5 to 10 ebooks per year at $25-30 dollars a piece brings in a lot more money than customers paying $59.99 for an entire year.

In the long term though, it has been great for us and our customers! Since we introduced Unlimited, our customers continued to come back at an astonishing pace because of the excellent value it provided. Our loyal customers were able to save more money, we were able to win more customers, and we were able to provide more content than ever before. It truly turned out to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

This leads in well to our next wild idea that might seem crazy now but hopefully becomes the standard for the Madden community over the next 5 years.


Today we are introducing our 14 day risk-free money back guarantee. This is another one of those ideas where there isn’t 1 other Madden tips website in existence that offers any refunds whatsoever. Check the terms of service (or the fine print) for any of our competitors and they will have a line that says something like:

“Due to the digital nature of our products, we have a strict no-refund policy.”

Just like 5 years ago with our Madden School Unlimited membership idea, our new refund policy is breaking from the industry standard. We do have a couple exclusions to our 14 day refund policy but we are very upfront and clear about what those are below.

Here’s our new refund policy:

Any first time Madden School member that purchases a Madden School Unlimited membership through our website is entitled to a full refund if they contact us directly within 14 days of purchase. No questions asked!


  • Repeat customers and Madden School Unlimited renewals are not eligible for refunds
  • Individual ebook sales are not eligible for refunds
  • Purchases made through our iOS or Google Play apps are not eligible for refunds

We believe in transparency so it’s important to explain why we decided on these exclusions.

We are excluding repeat customers and renewals because we want to avoid situations where customers  purchase from us and then after 13 days request a refund and repeat that process over and over throughout the year accessing our content and never paying. That isn’t fair to us and it isn’t fair to our honest, paying customers.

If you have purchased from Madden School before, you know the quality of our content and can make your decision whether or not to purchase from us again based on your previous experience with us.

Individual ebooks are not available for refunds because once you purchase them, you’ve already received all of the content and we can’t really take it back. With our Madden School Unlimited membership, while you still receive all the content that we have released up to the point of purchase, if you request a refund, you are losing out on 12 months worth of additional guides, updates, tools, and money plays.

Purchases made through the Madden School app on iOS and Google Play aren’t eligible for refunds simply because we don’t have the same level of control for those purchases as we do for purchases made through our website. Apple and Google control the payments, access, etc and that makes it somewhat difficult for us to easily and effectively process refunds.

Other than those 3 exclusions, you are always entitled to a full refund within 14 days. Simply email us and ask for a refund and we’ll cancel your membership and send a full refund within 2 business days.


Here’s why we decided to implement our new 14 day refund policy now.

First, from a purely business standpoint the vast majority of our customers return to us every year. Once they get a peak behind the curtain and experience Madden School Unlimited for themselves, they realize the tremendous value we provide. We want to give more people that same experience but also understand that a lot of people are hesitant to spend their hard earned money on a concept so foreign to them. This eliminates the risk for our potential new customers which should lead to more people joining our community.

Second, it’s the right thing to do. At Madden School, we have a fundamental belief that people are good. We know there will be some who take advantage of our new generous refund policy but we aren’t going to let those people stop us from trying to do the right thing.

Third, we were already issuing refunds for most reasonable requests anyway. For those people that were truly unhappy with our products in the past, we would usually give full refunds (even though our policy at the time said we didn’t have to). Customer service is and always has been our main differentiator so if you aren’t fully satisfied, we don’t want to keep your money.

Fourth, with all of the hardship currently going on in the world we want to make sure that if you need your money back, you can get your money back! Especially during times like these. You don’t need to provide a reason or an explanation. All we need to know is that you want your money back.

Fifth, this policy should speak to our confidence about our products. We’ve been doing this since for 14 years. Dating all the way back to when Madden was played on the original XBOX and PS2. You don’t stay in business that long if you don’t have excellent products. We aren’t in it to try to make a quick buck, we want to build long-term relationships and repeat customers so we can continue to thrive for another 14 years.


It is our intent to permanently keep our new 14 day refund policy moving forward but if people overwhelming act in bad faith, we reserve the right to change it at any time (with at least 14 days notice). Rest assured, if you make a purchase, see the 14 day refund guarantee badge, and otherwise qualify, we will honor that promise to you.

We’ll be monitoring names, emails, IP addresses, credit card information, and a couple other checks we have on our backend to ensure that people who are trying to cheat our refund policy get caught and aren’t issued refunds. But like we mentioned earlier, our hope is it there won’t be too many people who take advantage of us trying to do the right thing.

If you’d like to learn more about Madden School Unlimited or give it a try, you can do so here.

Thank you so much for supporting us over the past 14 years! And we are looking forward to a great Madden 21 season!