It is now officially confirmed that Madden 17 will not feature online team play.  The popular game mode is commonly referred to as OTP throughout the Madden community.

Madden NFL 17’s creative director, Rex Dickson, took to Twitter to confirm the news.


Although he hinted that it may make it’s way into Madden 18, he also noted that it is way too early to make any promises.

Online team play was not in either Madden 15 or Madden 16 but it was such a hit in previous versions of the game that many fans have been asking for it back for the last 2 years.

For those of you unfamiliar with OTP, it is a game mode where you and 2 friends can play a 3v3 game against another set of 3 friends online.

Madden 17 is scheduled for release on August 23rd, 2016 on the PS4, XBOX One, PS3, and XBOX 360. For more Madden 17 information, check out our Madden 17 news center.